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  • melonpop - Great Meal Replacement!For me, I actually love the taste of this over any other meal replacement/green drink. I was taking Alive for the past few years but there came a point where I just couldn't handle the flavor of it any longer (though I should mention that it did wonders for my health). I don't like the flavor of substitute sugars, odd attempts at improving flavor, or any of the aftertaste that a lot of the other powders had.

    I've been making smoothies with a single scoop of Raw Meal everyday for breakfast:
    - frozen blueberries
    - frozen strawberries
    - rice milk (since I'm allergic to dairy/almonds)
    - carrot/acai juice/any fruit juice (1/3rd of the amount of milk - to sweeten the smoothie a bit more)

    This smoothie ends up tasting very similarly to an All Fruit Smoothie from Jamba Juice (I used to work there). It still has a tiny bit of chalky/graininess to it but its not very noticeable. For those wanting to try this recipe out, the strawberries are a pain to blend since they come in large chunks. I microwave 3 small pieces for 10-15 sec to defrost them. Then I toss it into the Magic Bullet (or blender).

    This has been absolutely delicious & gives me a huge energy boost every morning (and is very filling! Lots of fiber to work with). Since I feel like I'm starting my day right, it really influences the way I eat the rest of the day as well. :)

    Update (1 year later): When I first started taking this powder, I was struggling with food allergies, chronic fatigue and constantly getting sick. Today, I am 15-20 lbs lighter and much healthier! At the time my food allergies gave me stomach problems nearly everyday. Now I rarely suffer from an upset stomach. I've also noticed that I have a healthy glow when I wake up in the mornings. I still can't recommend this highly enough.
  • Scott Brown - Fantastic History of SWAT teams and how we lost the 3rd and 4th amendmentVery well written and researched. I was so horrified with some of the travesties that are documented in Balko's book that I had to put it down for a while to digest the injustice of them. Every freedom loving person should read this. Drug warriors, anti-gambling activists and those in favor of "victimless" criminal laws will never be able to advocate their point of view without a feeling of shame in the pit of their stomach in what is being done for their views.
  • ixion "ixion" - Roomy golf bag, lots of featuresI replaced my 10 year old bag with this one and wow, what a difference.

    This bag is made of high quality materials, the zips seem to be of high quality. Everything is accessible from the front of the bag making it ideal for the riding cart. This bag is NOT made to carry, it's way too big for that. The individual club wells work very well at isolating the clubs and makes inserting/removing clubs a breeze. The putter well is really cool and works. There is a huge cooler pocket for beer/food that is lined with waterproof material and insulation to keep things cool, it works really well, it's the largest cooler I've seen in a golf bag. One concern I had was whether the side pocket would fit my golf shoes, and I'm happy to say there is no problem at all, plenty of room.

    I went to a golf store to look at it before ordering it here, and compared it to the Nike Tour Cart 2 and Sun Mountain C-130 bags and chose this one, mainly due to the design of the stadium top design and the larger cooler section.

    - nice stadium top design
    - individual club wells
    - dedicated putter well
    - tee holder
    - nice velour pocket for cell phone
    - all pockets front accessible
    - HUGE cooler section
    - enough room for shoes in side pocket
    - nice grab handles
    - velcro for drying your glove on the outside of the bag
    - umbrella holder
    - stands up and stays upright even when fully packed

    - none really, except it can get a bit heavy which is expected from a cart bag