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  • Charles N. Reeves "Charles Reeves" - Norton Internet Security 2012 download!I purchased Norton Internet Security 2012 in April 2012 From Amazon after my 2011 had expired. After removing the old Norton Internet Security program, the one from Amazon was downloaded. The Norton Security program was flagged "Subscription Expired". With some additional instructions the program worked.
  • Jonna Fernandez - This picky girl loves it!I can do EVERYTHING on my Kindle Fire HD. I love it. I wanted a different tablet but my husband bought me this one. I am so happy he did. I even bought him one :)
  • J. White "janinenc" - Easy to use, quick entry on new recipesI had the 2008 version of this and liked it, so I upgraded when I saw this come out. I have always preferred it over MasterCook because it doesn't seem to have the software issues running on Windows Vista/7. I like using it to enter recipes that have no nutrition information, and also love that I can add more exotic ingredients not in the database (such as coconut flour). Entering the recipes has been very easy to do.

    I am just starting to use the meal planning & shopping lists which seem slightly less intuitive than recipe and ingredient entry; however, I do like that you can keep track of your pantry. If you have an ingredient stocked (and entered the amount), and then used some in a recipe, it tracks what is left. Of course, you have to be diligent on keeping up with it, but as an overall meal/kitchen management tool, it has been very helpful.
  • Jessica Smith - Best acne skin care product!I have been using exposed for over a year now and will not use anything else. I have tried many over the counter products and prescription medications including accutane and this is the only stuff that has worked. It does not over dry your skin and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable. Great stuff!