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  • Cliffy Clavin - Relax Fellow Downloaders, it's all good!!!!Most of these people are freaking out because Amazon is not just going to hand it to you. You have to do a little research, no big deal. The video itself, FANTASTIC for Blackhawk Fans!!! A must own for a measly $10. The best season ever culminated with the Stanley Cup and highlighted by a 3-1 comeback against the hated Redwings. IT SIMPLY DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER!!!!!! You have to get this video. If you want to download it so you can always enjoy it and you don't have a kindle fire, just download and use the "Amazon unbox video player". It gives you the option to download it locally. Now stop your F'in whining biatches!!!!!
  • cc_amazon - RADICAL ToyI am thrilled with my Transformer Prime. I am continually finding new apps to play with, and the basic productivity and entertainment stuff is just primo!!

    WIFI works great, as well as front and rear camera. Not quite the same as Apple 'Retina Display', but very nice resolution and crisp images for general viewing, movies, and reading apps.

    I have updated to Ice Cream Sandwich. All upgrades are as charactaristically seamless as I have become accustomed to with Android devices.

    Android Play store has plenty of stuff for tablets to keep me plenty busy.

    The form-factor is superior, and the device is sooo light and easy to transport. I have the docking keyboard, also, which adds a cool level of device interfacing, as well as extra battery power and USB port.

    With the docking station, the setup is a nice clam-shell design that protects the screen when covered.
  • Ed Johns - Great bag for golf teams or personalizationI have always liked Taylor Made and their products and this bag is not any different. I bought these for my golf team so the 3 zip-off pockets are perfect for customization. The 4 point harness is easily adjustable for a wide variety I have on my team and the durability seems good and solid so far.
  • M2theG - Great Investment To Help Speed Up Your Aging Laptop!This SSD works great! I went from a regular hard drive that spent about 90 seconds to load up into Windows 7. This solid state drive took that down to 20 seconds! The only small problem I had was that after restoring Windows 7 onto this new hard drive, I had a blue screen pop up a couple of times and the computer restarted. After doing a firmware upgrade through crucial.com, that problem was fixed! Now keep in mind that my motherboard only has SATA I (as opposed to SATA II or the newest SATA III), but this drive still made a big difference! Kinda pricey (as any SSDs go), but definitely better than shelling out around $400+ for a Windows 8 computer (which, sorry Microsoft, I'm not sold on yet!)!

    This SSD makes everything run faster in Windows! I remember clicking on iTunes and having it take like 20 seconds to load up. Now, it's around 3 seconds of waiting! If you're looking for more speed from your laptop (and yes I made sure that my "you're" and "your" were spelled correctly! LOL!), definitely give this solid state hard drive a try! What's even better, my laptop fan runs a lot quieter with this thing installed!
  • Tara Walker Gross "Avid Reader" - A Must for Brides and Grooms!I discovered this jewel about halfway through my engagement, hidden, in all of its simplicity, amongst all of the big, beautiful wedding books at Barnes and Noble. I thought it sounded interesting, and my mom was buying, so I figured, "what the heck?" From the moment I opened it up, I couldn't put it down. I even convinced my fiance, who isn't much of a reader, that it would be good for him to read it. Read it he did, and he loved it just as much! Since then we let one other engaged couple borrow it...and when they never returned it and I had another friend about to get married, I sent it to her as an engagement gift.

    So if you're engaged, and especially if you're in the throes of planning a wedding (and the pretty pictures in all of those bridal magazines just don't seem to give you the best advice on how to deal with your mother, your soon-to-be mother-in-law, etc.), this book is a MUST!