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  • Teresa - A Ring to Bind Them All!After reading the excellent reviews here, I felt compelled to get my own Avery Durable View Binders! My thoughts were, if these could hold women, why not also fill them with men? Knowing as many men as I do, I rather thought I'd need a lot of binders, and bought 20. To my dismay, all 276 men I wanted bound took up no more than a third of the first binder. Of course this is not Avery's fault. It's a great company, I've used their clean edge business card stock on numerous occasions to introduce myself to the very men I bound! No, it is no doubt due to the content itself! In the end, each man took up only a quarter of a page and could be snapped into place with one ring! Not only that, they wouldn't stay properly bound, and the binder soon became messy and disorganized. When I objected to the constant chaos, the smell of beer and dirty socks, the man they had nominated as their president told me it was my job to clean up the binder not theirs! In the end they would not even let me open the binder, telling me it was now their man cave and women were not allowed! By then I didn't really care much any more, so I drove the binder out to the landfill and dumped it. Unfortunately, the Avery Durable View Binder was SO durable, that Marcia Prickit, our local homeless lady (one of that 47% you hear so much about), apparently found it and took it back with her to her living space under the bridge. I have not heard how those men are faring, but the sheriff did mention, that last time he removed Marcia to the women's homeless shelter in town, she guarded it jealously from the other residents, keeping it under all her sweaters. When he asked if they were okay in there, she told him that at first they complained a lot and made so much noise trying to get out, that sheh had to stretch each one to fit all three rings. She keeps the binder spotless and tidy, and regularly reviews each man's features. This morning I took the other 19 binders to the shelter thinking that putting men in binders might be a great activity for the homeless. Now I feel as though in some small way I have contributed to the happiness of someone less fortunate than me - for a very reasonable price!
  • Cookbook Gal "Cookbook Gal" - Great source of nutrition for seniorsAn elderly family member has been suffering for months from colitis and pancreatitis, and lost over 35 pounds within 6 weeks. The doctors and rehab specialists recommended Ensure, and my relative, who has always disliked meal replacement supplements, loves Ensure. It has literally been a lifesaver, and at times the only food she has been able to keep down. Favorite flavors include Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mixed Berry.

    If you want more nutritional information on the product, go to the Abbot Laboratories website (google it), and click on the links until you get to the Ensure page, where you will get a more comprehensive breakdown of the nutrients and calories in the product.
  • Saundra Minneapolis "Saundra" - This is a rite of passage book for young girlsI saw the movie, Colored Girls..., by Tyler Perry and realized why I had never understood the play. It was great to read the book again (which I did in 2 hours) after seeing the movie. I saw the movie with a 13 year old great niece and 4 generations of women in her life. I think this is a great book to give to young girls and have discussions with them and as many generations of women as possible. The stories are important to understand for relationships with other women and with men/boys even if they aren't your reality... they are real for lots of women. Great book and see the movie as well.
  • greenmantis - Good for ReferenceI've had this software for about 6 months now. And although I haven't officially used any of the forms yet, I find this software to be really good reference material. I feel like I can rely on the information in this software more than I would from a random source I found on Google.

    Even with all the info, I don't think I would close on a property purchase without an agent and lawyer. But I feel like there's enough documentation in this software that I could do my homework and educate myself before intelligently speaking to an agent. I probably won't use 75% of the information here, but it's very nice to know that information is available and reliable.