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Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives - Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal that serves as a platform for clinical faculty, residents, and medical students to publish research relevant to community hospital programs


Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: V5A Burnaby, British Columbia

  • genecutter - Breaking ThroughThis is an important book. It is time to establish and promote a science of morality to replace religion-based prescriptions for behavior that have inflicted immeasurable suffering throughout history. Which behaviors optimize human flourishing is an objective matter, and we know how to approach such questions: We examine the evidence. We apply scientific principles, not wishful thinking, to discern what programs and policies maximize our well being. This book begins to dissolve the choke-hold religion has exercised over human values for far too long. You really must read this one.
  • suzq - better health in a boxEver since I started taking Align a year ago, I have had no problems with my digestive tract. Thanks to my doctor who suggested a pro-biotic. It has changed my life.