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  • T. Carson - Our family keeps this on hand alwaysI always keep these on hand for my daughter who is somewhat intolerant to wheat. It greatly helps her digest wheat when she is not in a position to obtain spelt bread products. This product relieves her discomfort of bloating and cramping, but it is only a tool. She does remarkably well on a non wheat diet.
  • R. H. Greene - An Enema of the People!Turns out the best use for my handy dandy family-sized canister of Red Band/Blue Band Pepper Spray is an off-label one!

    I left mine on the same shelf where I keep my diuretics, and woke up bleary-eyed after a night of enforced listening to my local drum circle fighting the power. Before I realized what I was doing, I had inserted my Red Band/Blue Band into the wrong orifice and squeezed the handle. Talk about a rude awakening!

    I'm now twenty pounds lighter, my bowel movements are synchronized to my esophagus, and my doctor tells me I just gave myself a "homeopathic" gastric bypass. I've never felt so clean and clear! Red Band/Blue Band Pepper Spray isn't just an enema of the people. It's an enema by the people and for the people too!

    Works better than a Lap Band!

    Thank you, Defense Technology!