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  • A. W. Hunt "Andiof the Hunt" - Excllent conspiracy compliationJust because you think someone is following you all the time doesn't mean they aren't. By the same token, just because things don't add up doesn't mean there's a conspiracy, but there might be. The truth is in the facts.

    Brad Meltzer and Keith Ferrell have given us a book about 10 of the most outstanding events of the world, and have given us not just the facts of the case, but have given up facimilies of the important papers related to the mystery.

    Many of these have ben reviewed on Brad Melter's H'story'd Decoded", but beomg able to have the time to examone important papers in yhour own time makes it more real. In fact, the extra papers are enough to purchase the book on it's own.

    While these 10 mysteries are discussed, Meltzer and FErrell leave it to you, the reader, to decide your own truth of the facts.

    Here's hopikng they write about another 10 soon!
  • BigMomma - Tiny Print, but Excellent Information!I had to purchase this book for my FNP pharmacology course, and I couldn't even read it without reading glasses. However, once I started using it, I found it to be a plethora of information, that is very up-to-date. I understand why it is so tiny now, it is perfect size to fit in the pocket of a doctor or NP doing hospital clinical rotations. I can definitely see myself purchasing a new one of these books every year, once I start my practice, and using it regularly!
  • Kat Dixon "katydid" - ONE of the Best Historical Novels WrittenI had never heard of Hilary Mantel before this book but am I glad I found her. Loved this book, the history, characters, couldn't get enough. I am sorry there is not a sequel. I am dying to read more about Henry the VIII. I had read the reviews of Wolf Hall and was scared off. Perhaps I shall pick that one up too!! If you love historical novels smartly written this is the one for you!! Bought the kindle edition on Amazon.