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  • Coach K - One of the better books for MathI have an SAT business and this is one of the better books out there for math, the other being the Barron's Math Workbook (which is better for top students), and of course, the Blue College Board book.

    The author's problems are most like actual SAT Problems. Essentially, it seems as though he poured through many old SAT's, changed around the problem a bit, and put them in this book. Thus, the problems are similar to ones you might actually come across, unlike other books, which contain problems not at all like the exam.

  • happy camper - It's a miracleFor the longest time I suffered with erectile dysfunction. I tried everything to help me break this horrible condition - pills, pumps, and pornography, to no avail. Then one day my life changed forever. I got tired of slicing my bananas like a caveman and decided that I needed something to help me. That's when I found the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer and oh boy am I glad that I did. I started using this dandy contraption and got a feeling I haven't had in a long time. I looked down in between bananas and lo and behold I had the hardest boner since I can remember. This thing had its own heart beat. I want to thank whoever invented this beautiful device. Not only did you save my sex life but now I have the perfect banana slices. Who could ask for anything more. It's like heaven on earth. I can't stop smiling.
  • Cheryl Matejek - Very Useful BookQuicken 2011 The official Guide has been immensely helpful to me. First it taught me what Quicken Premier 2011 could do and what to expect from it. It helped me with the Budget feature which is very important to me. Then as I started from the beginning and scanned through the pages it offered up many tips like how to change the order of the accounts in the Account list and how to show only the tabs you want to show. I learn something new every time I pick up the book it seems and whenever I have a question about Quicken Premier 2011 I can usually find an answer in the books pages also.
  • Bobjfs "Mr. Hi-Fi Stereo" - Do Not Mistake for Shoe PolishI had to shine my shoes the other day for a big event at the office. Unfortunately, I had put my can of uranium ore on the shelf next to the shoe polish. I really wasn't looking closely at the shelf, instead looking at the automotive parts calendar with the big bazoomed blonde in the picture. You know how that goes. That's when I accidentally picked up the can of ore.

    No sooner had I started shining my shoes when... HULK SMASH!