Country: Europe, SE, Sweden

City: Bromma, Stockholm

  • Sarah Fuller "Author of Job Searches Beyond t... - Great book for career discovery, growth or changeThis book is very logically organized and easy-to-use. Because of good highlighting throughout text, it is easy to thumb to the sections that you need at a particular time. Book is informative and entertaining so also makes a good read through from the front to back.

    You will find a large section of the book devoted to helping you identify the best career options or career changes for you. Good exercises are included that really make you think about your unique gifts and talents and likes and dislikes. This book is the type that you will refer to over and over from time to time.
  • Edward Zambrano "Ed" - Best tablet. periodI live outside the US so it was a big risk buying this thing without any warranty. The tablet works perfectly, with ICS runs really really fast,moving through the apps is a really nice sensation. right now I'm playing pokemon stadium 2 (n64 emulator), runs without any lag...

    BE AWARE: the web navigation is not the strong part of this device, the ipad does a better job, and also the apps for IOS are better, I have an ipod touch 4g and the games are better, no doubt about that. But since I don't have the money to pay the ipad apss, I'm happy with my android device.

    About the camera, WOW!. I wasn't expecting taking pictures with a tablet, but now is my best camera, and also the integration with dropbox is really cool, when you take a picture, the tablet automatically sends the picture to your dropbox folder. nice!

    500$ for this tablet?...difficult question, It's a really nice device but if you're going to buy it just to play angry birds, please DON'T!
  • Diane "mrs_hoople" - The best SAT preparation by far!I tutor SAT preparation for a living and have been doing so successfully for over 15 years. The McGraw Hill books are by far the best. The vocabulary section alone is worth the cost of the book. But, that isn't the only good thing. The examples are plentiful and the explanations are complete.

    I have used at least 8 different books and I always come back to this one.