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  • S. Bee - Exremely healthy, that is priority one!After researching various meal replacement powders, I settled on Garden Of Life's Raw Meal. To let you know how I am using this, I drink a serving a day on my off workout days to boost my caloric intake. So I am not using it as a true meal replacement.

    I read the reviews and saw people complaining about the taste. To me that is like going to the doctor and being prescribed liquid medication to help a condition, and complaining about the taste. Please people, are we 8 years old or what?

    After receiving the product, I tried my first serving. The flavor is definitely not something I will ever crave, but it was not nearly as bad as some people claim. I have taken three servings now and have found that using more water to make it a little less thick helps, but the flavor is not what I would call awful. It is like baby formula with a plant taste to it.

    So far the product seems to be doing what it claims. I have a satisfied full feeling with it. In fact, I have made the mistake of eating some animal based protein with the drink, and felt overtly full. I would recommend not eating food with the supplement due to that. The nutrients found in this stuff are very very good for you, and the energy and improved digestion are worth the price of admission all by itself.

    If you are looking for a healthy, true meal replacement that will satisfy your hunger, this is your stuff. If you are looking for something that taste good then you need to look elsewhere. I will continue to purchase and use Raw Meal!
  • Anita Vandergriff - Simple and direct, great coverage.Simple and direct treatments, easy for a layman to understand. Good advice on when doctor is a must and when you can try a common sense treatment first. Lots of useful info, but some is more relevant in 3rd world environment. Could save life. Thanks
  • Kirstin - As ExpectedI did a lot of research on external hard drives before settling on this one. The price was fairly average ($119 for 2TB) and it had good reviews and was made by a solid company, so I settled on buying it.

    I've had the drive for about a week now. I did not end up using the software (I never do, personal preference) so I can't comment on that. I'm using it as extra storage so for my years and years of photos, so it just sits on my desk plugged in to my computer and the outlet most all day.

    It arrived promptly, 2 days before it was estimated to arrive in fact. It was well sealed/packaged and worked perfectly and performed as expected. I will say the one draw back on this product is that it does not have a base of some kind and is susceptible to being knocked over fairly easy. At the moment I have it upright on my desk but as soon as I can clear some space I will be setting it on it's side.

    Please do note, however, that I use this drive with a Mac. I don't know how this drive would perform with windows. I also don't know how it works with time machine as I dont use it. If you can get it on sale, this drive is a steal. Even if it's not on sale, it's still a good buy. I would recommend it.
  • Jeffrey Alvarado - Great External Hard DriveI'm writing this review after owning two of these (2TB and 4TB) for 6 1/2 months, I've been using them as storage only so they are only on for about one hour a week and so far I have had no problems with any of them.

    I'm loving the fact that you can connect any sata hdd (2.5" or 3.5") to the base, this comes in very handy if you need to connect an internal drive momentarily but don't want to go through the hassle of connecting it internally.