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  • Raga Ja - A Must Read for the Open Minded and Curious.I see that this book has sparked some debate. The concepts here are probably too far out for most box-minded people. For the rest of us who are interested in 2012 and the possibility that it will bring in a new age of evolved consciousness, this is a must read, in my opinion. Some other reviewers seem to think that you must agree 100% with an authors viewpoints. Like he's creating a religious doctrine! Not the case. You don't have to agree with every word printed here. But I tend to with most. And, I disagree that there was any remote form of disrespect toward females in this book. Anyone who thought that must not have read all the way through it, or just skipped parts and took other things out of context. I guess people will believe what ever they want to. ; )
  • Dave - Freakin AwsomeThis Tablet rocks!! First off, I would like to start off this review by saying the quite vivid display is absolutely fantastic. Its Bright as heck and the colors just seem to pop out @ you. Next the 16gb of factory memory is nice but you can expand to 32gb, which is what i did before it even arrived @ my house. I downloaded the netflix app and it works flawlessly. Its overall appearance is slim sleek and sexy, Very easy to hold and to navigate. Set-up was quite easy and fast, it only took me 1/2 an hour till i was up and running. It also has a really cool remote feature that i set-up with ease. Over all I give this tablet 5 stars because its easy to use and has a really bright display, oh i need to mention the sound. The sound is pretty big for such a small device and can handle movies, music and sports. Get this you wont regret your decision one bit!! hope you found this review helpful.:)
  • Jean1960 "Jean" - Work Very Well for 2011 TaxI used to use Turbo Tax, but had problems with it downloading and installing. Went to a CPA and she messed up efiling our tax return - was a big mess because they did not get it in time and we owed fines (which she paid.) So switched to this a couple of years ago and so far am happy with the product. Our taxes are pretty straight forward so this software worked great. It is fairly easy to use and has got me solid refunds. Most importantly it has worked with no problems using efile, so the IRS is not on my back due to late filing.

    . Easy, fast download and install - no problems, took less than 15 minutes total
    . Easy to use software - walks you through all the steps, asking questions along the way
    . Imports you forms from last year
    . Up to date tax laws - has all the current revisions so that I don't have to search myself to understand the yearly changes
    . Does an error check - found 16 errors where I forgot to fill in some info
    . Rates it for audit check - found I was low on the possibility of getting an audit. Means nothing I know if the IRS pulls out your name, but will alert you to possible red flags.
    . Allows you to choose which forms you want to print out
    . Gives you a status update to let you know if the IRS accepted your efile - gives you a Declaration Control Number as proof that they accepted your return
    . You get 5 free efiles, nice if you want to share with your family
    . There is a "go to" button which allows you to go to any part of the tax returns, forms or steps
    . Can import medical, charity, etc from Deduction Pro (online) It lists lots of donated items and the estimated value for each one. You just click on the items, adding them to your deductions. I use this for charity items donated and it works great (have receipts of course.) You can print out the list of donations with all items listed with dates. And it saves it to a file on your computer.
    . Can compare to last years tax data (if you used this program last year)
    . You can do a direct deposit, or have them send a check for refunds
    . There is an amount that shows up in the right top that shows what you owe or are refunded. When you make changes to one area of the tax forms (like medical, charity, etc) it updates the Refund/Owed

    . A Register Product screen pops when I open it but went away when I clicked "Don't Register." Not a big deal at all really, but it is the only thing I can think of that I didn't like. I do not want more emails or junk mail.

    Conclusion: The software was easy to install/use, I think it got us a sound refund, and there were no glitches with efiling.