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  • Cassandra B. Magiera "Hypothetically, The Best" - I think it tastes fine

    I eat mostly raw foods and purchased this product as a meal replacement when out and struggling to find a healthy place to eat or for when I'm with people eating a standard American diet at a restaurant that does not cater to my dietary needs. I was terrified to try it based on reviews about taste but I do not think it tastes bad AT ALL. I initially mixed two scoops with one banana, 16oz of water and a few ice cubes. I know carrying a blender around isn't realistic but for those of you who intend to use this at home, try that mixture. For those in the same boat as sme, I carry the two scoops around in a Tupperware made for salad dressing (it's tiny) and always have it in my purse. I figure when the time comes to need it, I'll purchase a bottle of water and mix the two. Voila! Raw meal on-the-go!

  • Technomed - Helped me to avoid surgery

    Using Esther's techniques, I went from taking Oxycodone daily to no drugs at all (in just 10 days). I recently realized how bad my posture was and vowed to change it. But here's the key to success: it takes constant vigilance. All day long--and in bed too--I constantly correct my posture; when sitting, walking, bending, etc., I correct myself. Over the weeks, this correction is becoming more second-nature. And except for an occassional twinge, I now have no back pain. Although my MRI shows multi-layer disc compression, her techniques seem to have staved off further damage. I can't say enough good things about Esther's book and techniques.

  • Sophisticated Lady - Whew!...The Wait Is Finally Over!

    If you can't comprehend all the love people are showing Sade in these reviews--you have never attended ANY of her concerts. I had the pleasure of attending two of her concerts last year--one in Charlotte, NC at the TWC Arena, and the other at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC. Sade was mezmerizing, hypnotizing, entrancing, spellbinding...and on, and on...

    I have been a fan since the '80's--I bought all her albums and cd's but could kick myself for never having attended her concerts before last year. I guess I was too busy going to Prince concerts and missed out on a group that truly stood the test of time.

    Sade has gotten better with age, and in the entertainment business, that's almost impossible to do--but this group has done it, and they've done it with class. Their sound is unmistakenly classic Sade. I cannot wait to get their new DVD so I can relive last year's concerts again...ahhhhh...I'm a happy camper!