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  • Nancy M. Hoffman - A better back for better ridingAfter years of coping with a tender back following my almost daily horseback riding, Esther Gokhale's program has been a boon. I find my posture in the saddle has improved--no longer unintentionally leaning to one side or the other. My legs more easily wrap around my horse giving me more security when jumping fences.Engaging my "inner corset", as explained in the book in great detail, has helped prevent the jarring of the lower back when landing after a fence.
    Since I plan to continue to ride for many more years, protecting my back is of great importance. Esther's class and book give me the tools to do this comfortably.

    Nancy Hoffman
    Los Altos Hills, Ca
  • A. Shahrokni - Finally sth is working!I'm 30 years of age and tried many medications from herbal to rogane without any help and the side effects were troublesome. Anyway, once hairmax was approved by FDA, I gave it a try. It's been 4 months that I'm using it. For Thanks Giving I visited my sisters whom haven't seen me in one year. They were shocked by the change in the my hair. The good thing is hairmax doesn't irritate the scalp. It's not hair transplant for sure but for about 300-500$ it really worth it. The only concern that I have is long term use of hairmax and its side effects. Unfortunately there is no way to tell in long run what side effect hairmax has, but till then I'm happy with hairmax.
  • Miguel Gomez - Great Game! I love it.I bought this game last thursday and both my wife (who in general "hates" videogames") and me absolutely love it. Graphics are fantastic, sound effects are great and the game is absolutely fun.

    It is very easy to play and understand and its fun to see your creature evolve from a single cell to a tribe (we are in that stage now).

    A lot of complaints are around people trying to install it in multiple machines/configurations/users; and those 1 star reviews simply don't match the experience that it is playing this game.

    I recommend it 100%.
  • Armchair Interviews - A very fine read indeedAlexander McCall Smith is a deceptively good writer. His books are simple and simply read. But there is a texture and depth to the prose that is not dashed off. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive continues this author's of straightforward stories set in the richness of Africa.

    Things are changing at The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Gabarone, Botswana. Mma Makutsi is engaged and doesn't really need to work any more. This brings a subtle shift in office dynamics as Mma Makutsi is tempted to take on new challenges. Mma Ramotswe promotes Mma Makutsi to Associate Detective.

    And a shift is underway at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. The apprentice, Charlie, has an opportunity to go into business for himself. Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni takes on an investigation of his own while his wife, Precious Ramotswe, and her associate are busy with other cases. All the matters are resolved, although not all are satisfactory to the clients or the detectives.

    Along the way, everyone learns a lesson. Whether it's grace and mercy, being thankful for your blessings, or learning to be content to bloom where you are planted, McCall Smith draws each character's story with tenderness.

    It would be easy to paint Botswana with the brush of trivialization, but the author's love and respect for the land and its people shine through every word. I've never been to Africa but I feel the pull it has on him and others.

    Precious Ramotswe and her family are characters rich in love, proud of their homeland, and anchored firmly to a culture where respect is valued and the worst you can say about someone is that they are rude.

    We should all be so blessed.

    Armchair Interviews says: The Good Husband of Zebra Drive is a very fine book indeed.
  • J. Johnson "JGJ" - Amazing ProductI started using this product about 5 years ago when I finally asked my friend what she used on her face that made it look like porcelain. I used to think, "She is probably just one of those lucky few with really good skin." When she told me she was using this product, I immediately went out and bought it. It is magical as you put it on and watch all your flaws disappear! I can't imagine ever using anything else.