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  • Jessica - A new adventureI went into this book knowing that I have loved Jodi Picoult and most of her books but I also had an open mind seeing as how this was coming from her daughter in Jr Highschool and I think that is what people are missing when they go into this book. I loved this book, it was something new, something I have never read before, and I found myself falling in love with the characters as the story progressed. It was very well written and it was well worth reading
  • P. Susi - Better than I thought it would beBefore I bought the Tab2, I had to check out tablets in general at a local electronics store to see what the keyboards were like. A few minutes with the Tab2 10.1" convinced me that I would have no problem typing on it. It has met all my expectations. Clear image, easy to use, lots of apps (like I need them all) and long battery life. The downside is that you need an adapter for a USB device. Not a big deal, but why not have this built in? But, overall, so far so good.
  • Elizabeth Hearron "Dirt Girl" - If you are still using regular shampoo, your r damaging your hair!!!This is the only product you should be using on your hair, although the lavender is a strong scent and I love it, I will probably order the sweet almond mint next time. I have stick strait hair and with only using the cleansing conditioning product my hair has volume and keeps a curl or wave even over night!! It is great for those of us with very fine hair and talk about soft and shiny!!!! Also purchasing via Amazon keeps you from having auto ship if you don't want it. I have medium length hair and find that I get a good amount with only 10 - 12 pumps. If you have not tried this product do it now, you will love it!
  • @user - Good for what I needSo far so good. I've used this drive to transfer files between servers and from home to work. There have been no problems. It's fast and thus far reliable. However with drives like this if it doesn't die out of the box you have about 6 months to know whether it's going to live a long and prosperous life. So far it's working great.
  • D. OBrien "BSDetector" - Two Words: Buttery SmoothThe screen is phenomenal with zero bleed.

    Every action is zippy and buttery smooth.

    The keyboard has superb key response - better than any netbook I've owned.

    The wifi is weak. Couldn't connect to the mediocre to weak signal at my workplace. Oh well. I have a laptop for that anyway. I had no problems with wifi at home.

    GPS does not work, as advertized. Could not connect at all.

    I'm still posting a five star review. Why? Because there are a lot of false negative reviews on here, and counterbalancing those is the same effect as a statistician adjusting for variables.

    The build quality is superb and the integration with the keyboard dock is seamless physically and intuitively.

    Also, seriously, this is TEGRA 3 living up to its hype.

    With ICE CREAM SANDWICH, also living up to its hype.

    That is worth the price of admission. Two months' wait stunk, but as an early adopter, I've paid that price before. And now I have it.