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  • O. de Frias "realmadrid2727" - This ore lets you become a superhero!Before Amazon.com decided to sell high-grade Uranium over the series of tubes that is the internet, I had very few options and stringent procedures I needed to follow in order to get my hands on this material. The main three were:

    1) Scrape the dead skin cells off the neck of a couple of residents in the surrounding Chernobyl area.
    2) Pal around with Saddam Hussein.
    3) Craigslist.

    The problem with 1 was that the Ukraine has denied my travel visa countless times on account of "because uranium is myranium, comrade" apparently not being an "acceptable" response to the question of why I wish to travel to Ukraine which they have on their applications.

    The second one is pretty obvious now. Saddam was a lot of talk, can you believe the guy never actually had any?! I was like, 98.2% sure he had plenty of uranium to go around. I'm no fool, I studied FOX News religiously.

    Craigslist, while promising, ended up being much more trouble than it was worth. The Syrians selling it to me kept calling me "my friend" and haggling on the price to the point where I ended up paying 3 times the amount they put on the listing. Then with the Iranians, the young Persian boy I hired as my Farsi translator ended up selling them gold jewelry and going clubbing with them instead of doing his job. All I got from that deal was a 5% off coupon from their electronics store. Besides, the uranium they were peddling was weapons-grade and that's not what I'm looking for.

    Anyway, I'm getting off topic! See, what I do is I sell bootleg superhero abilities from my garage. Amazon.com's fantastic selection of products now let me achieve this goal with little overhead. While I've yet to actually turn anyone into a superhero using my patent-pending uranium drenching therapy, unless you count Testiculor the incredible man with testicular cancer (he didn't think so, and neither did the jury), I'm confident that this new batch of ore will make business boom. Thanks, Amazon!
  • Ignacio Abel "Nacho" - A miracleThis book is a real solution for IBD-IBS-Celiac. It's a pitty that there is no current big research to Elaine's approach. Try this diet if you want to cure yourself. It's a shame that the majority of doctors don't tell pacients of this solution. I hope this change soon.
    It really worked for me and I'm very happy!
  • C. M. Forster - A worthy sequel to the masterpiece, Wolf HallI waited eagerly for Bring up the Bodies, and Hilary Mantel has not disappointed. A little different from Wolf Hall, yet equally spectacular. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the use of 'he, Cromwell'. I know many readers found it difficult to understand who 'he' in Wolf Hall referred to, but I enjoyed it-it was challenging and made me concentrate, as the best books should.
    Apart from that small quibble, i loved this book. We get to see the lengths to which Thomas will go, while still loving him and wanting to prevent the awful fate we know awaits him. I never knew I could care so much for a man who died nearly 500 years ago.
  • Timothy - Hmm..., Confused about all the bad reviews.After reading all the bad reviews and cautionary tales for this product, I was freaked out. I needed to get Access for a college class assignment that is due in a week. I didn't have time to wait up to four days (as stated in one review) to get the program working. But reading the review that advised checking the version of Office already installed (whether you are running Office in 32 bit or 64 bit), I decided to take a chance. I am glad I did. I downloaded the program in less than five minutes and installed in less than twenty. So I'm wondering why others would have such a bad time of it. I think there may have been slight exaggerations made.