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  • Jerry S. Johnson - Quicken 2013 CDI purchased the Quicken 2013 CD to upgrade my current Quicken 2012 program app and to have the CD readily available in the event of a software or hardware crash. I am a simple user of this robust, user-friendly software. The upgrade did not provide many enhancements to my limited capabilities to manage my checking and savings accounts but I feel secure in the knowledge that I have the software readily available if a crash occurs and I have to reload the program files and restore my financial data from backup. I feel that the money spent was worthwhile and if I choose to use more of Quicken 2013's robust capabilities, I can. The cheapest place to buy this software is through Amazon and when you purchase it through them it gets delived right away. If you do not need the software right away, I recommend that you purchase the hard CD vs the download. BTW, the Quicken 2013 will automaticly preserve your older Quicken data files and upload them into Quicken 2013. Basically all you have to do is stick the CD into your computer's disk drive and watch it load. Overall, if you are already running some version of Quicken, it takes about 10 minutes to upgrade your software and upload your existing financial files.
  • dre - excellent but needs more timely deliveryLoved this and definitely works. My only complaint is that the monthly automatic delivery could be more timely. My first refill was came about 5 days later and i had to miss a few pills because of that.
  • S. Falcone "Shopaholic" - Couldn't put it downThe summer time is my time to read by my pool and boy did I read when it came to this book. I picked it up at Target, so probably paid a little more than online, but I'm glad I did. The book is written first person as she's retelling her past and current life to her therapist. The author does an excellent job describing the horrific details and really making me think as a reader, like "what the heck would I do and would I (could I?) do anything differently?" Lots of twists and turns in the plot, but all very believable. I updated my husband after every session, he couldn't wait for me to finish to tell him what happened. It's a great book, but not for you if you don't like gruesome, raw, sadistic acts (I read Stieg's triology, so Stevens' was mild!). Excellent amount of detail and character development, nothing dragged on and everything ties in one way or another in the end, which is very satisfying to a reader like me :). I added her new book to my wish list just so I don't forget the author's name. I highly recommend the book, I'm still thinking of it even though I finished it yesterday!