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  • Jason - Easiest tax software = huge returnI've used this product every year for several years now. It makes tax preparation so simple. It guides you through each step by asking simple questions and has help buttons you can click throughout the process if you have questions. It was so easy to use. Once I had all my tax information available, I prepared my own taxes in just over an hour. I also love that they have audit support and guarantee the largest return. Very happy with H&R block - saves me from having to hire an accountant!
  • karoe - A must get resourceThis book if a must get when dealing with resistance and with people who have multiple drug allergies. I would recomment it.
  • Higgs1 - Greatness Awaits!Welcome to next gen! PS4 was well packaged and I received mine on launch day with no issues. Granted UPS sucks when it comes to delivering to me (usually well after 6:30pm if they don't have an exception) I would much prefer Amazon switch to FedEx. Shipping company aside I'm really enjoying my PS4.

    I have a Vita already and one of the best features is the remote play function. When my wife wants to watch tv I can just switch over to the vita and pick up right where I left off, that is totally awesome.

    Wish there were more games available, but I understand its launch and they'll come soon enough. Disappointed with how BF4 is still broken a week after release, but I'm hoping EA can figure things out.

    Not a huge fan of the microphone packaged with the system, but glad there's one there so no excuse as to why you can't chat online. And speaking of chat, FINALLY party cross game chat, thank you sony!

    Hoping we don't have to wait too long for bluetooth headset support as well.

    Overall I am very happy with the console and the snappy OS is great, no lag, and games are downloading and installing far faster than PS3 or 360 ever did.

    Lastly, I am really digging that games are finally 1080p 60fps. Finally getting my monies worth of my big 1080p tv.
  • h3liflyer - Animal owner loves it!After doing much research before buying a new vacuum, I decided on this model. I have mostly hardwoods, tile and a few area rugs in a 3400sq ft home. I also have 3 hairy cats and a dog. I really needed something that picked up hair, dirt from my husbands boots and remains of snacks from a 5 yr old, but also needed something that would do it with ease going from carpet to hardwood. This is be far the best vacuum I have ever used for those purposes! It is quiet, has such good suction that it pulls itself across the rugs and the hose reaches the ceiling fans that hang from 10ft ceilings! When I was in line purchasing this the lady behind me said, I have that one, and it is the best vacuum I have ever used, well, that cemented the deal and I am glad I purchased it. I also have the Shark steamer for floors and that works like a charm after a year and half, I love that because it goes from my tile floors to hardwoods and all I do is flip the pad, they really make their products do what they claim! This one has a 7 year warranty, great deal!
  • Andrew C. LING - excellent, rating =10Unless the Kennedy family or someone can produce evidence to contradict Mr Hersh, I have no reason to disbelieve what he worte about the Kennedys. While I am very disgusted with the Kennedys, I do believe retribution has been given to both Jack and Bobby with their early and tragic deaths. What I find very disturbing were the people who worked with or were associated with the Kennedys, they never spoke out . Money and power have certainly corrupted a lot of people