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  • Alex2012 - Work well!!Works just fine for me with my hybrid. I was worried that it was going to be very loud. I would say its no louder than a treadmill. Some reviews say its as loud as a vacuum I wouldn't say its that loud. Very well made. There is a screw in the back to make it fit against your tire just so and i change the gears on my bike for a harder work out.
  • Morrigan Cider - This book saved my life!I have been suffering from Crohn's Disease since I was thirteen years old, that is, until two years ago. I followed the diet as detailed in the book and was amazed at the results. My only regret is that I did not try this diet sooner. It wasn't because I wasn't willing -I just wasn't informed that there was a better alternative to a life filled with semi-effective drugs with powerful side effects, bouts of agonizing pain, and bowel disfunction.I am *very* angry at every doctor who told me diet has no effect on Crohn's Disease. Elaine's scientific approach blows this myth out of the water. The only two question remain: 1) Why don't our doctors use this treatment before prescribing dangerous medications? 2) Why has the medical community ignored decades of science supporting this diet?Two years after folloing the diet, I am drug free, symptom free, and running 5 miles/day. Thank you Elaine, you saved my life.
  • Marcianne Waters "Marci" - this had great history, drama, romance, betrayal, sex and politicswhat's not to love??? this is the sequel to Wolf Hall, which I devoured and also gave 5 stars.
    Terrific writing and a whole different angle on the dump-Anne-Boleyn-and-bring-in-Jane-Seymour story. Oh, Henry Tudor (aka Henry the VII), you were quite the randy, determined devil, weren't you? And Mr. Cromwell, our high school and college history textbooks did you a disservice. You were smart but certainly not the dastardly dude they said you were. There were plenty of others in your sphere who were far more dastardly.
    Thanks, Hilary Mantel.

    Marcianne Waters
  • varun - Sade's BACK! I'm getting and so should you! (I'll tell you why)I went to see this show in London on May 31st last year.

    The best concert experience of my life! She sounded like a dream. I have been waiting for this DVD even before they announced they're filming the tour for a future DVD release.

    This is a must buy because:

    1. It includes all the hits (No ordinary love, smooth operator, cherish the day, kiss of life, by your side, soldier of love and more!!)
    2. Newer album cuts like IN ANOTHER TIME and BRING ME HOME sung live!! Sade breathes new life onto CD recordings! Hearing these songs sung live truly connects you with her. Whatever message she tries to give through her music comes right through you, into your veins, your heart and your soul!
    3. The VISUALS are absolutely stunning. Sophie Muller is a goddess and Baz Halpin is a genius, you get to see why! Sade, Muller and Halpin put the best visual and lighting show along with Sade's ethereal and timeless music.
    4. The BAND. The band is truly magnificent. Stuart's sax, Andrew's piano and Paul's guitar and the lovely backing vocalists!!

    I could go on and on. Personally I can't wait for this DVD to come out!! Its going to be more exciting than LOVERS LIVE!
  • Eskia M. - The "Farewell to Arms" of ship avoidance booksThis is far, far better than H.D. Laing's "A Primer on Large Ship Avoidance" and even Prof. Hork's treatise "Massive Vessel Avoidance: A Practitioner's Guide."

    This isn't theory -- ivory tower types need not apply. This is straight forward, practical information you need if you want to avoid huge ships.