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Hobart Pathology - Tasmanian Medical Testing Laboratory : Home - Hobart Pathology are a medical testing laboratory based in Hobart, Tasmania. Providing quality pathology services to general practitioners, medical specialists, nursing homes and private hospitals in the southern region of Tasmania.


Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: 2113 Ryde, New South Wales

  • jakebrake - Affordable travel with RickOur fifth trip to Paris and we were looking for something a little extra. Instead of a hotel this time we rented an apartment for three weeks and felt more like locals than tourists. A vital addition was the No Worries Paris guide for new walking routes and maps. We felt we had it all and didn't miss anything. All the personal tips make the Steves books stand apart from all the rest.
  • Lilfurbal - Windows 8 review take twoI originally reviewed Windows 8 after only used it on legacy devices and a desktop, but now that I got myself a Windows 8 convertible laptop with touch screen I have to give credit where credit is due.

    Using Windows 8 on a tablet is a real treat. After a week of use it has become my favorite tablet UI, over Android or iOS. It's interactive, smooth, clean and fun to use. From the metro tablet interface, on a tablet, you can easily swap between open apps, you can easily split screen any two apps next to each other, easily search for anything in any app using a universal search engine, easily add things like printers and print stuff to it, and also easily close out of apps. Every app closes the same way (swipe from the top of the screen down). On Android devices I often have to navigate each app to find the exit option, ignore the fact that it's open, or force it closed through the system settings. No confusion in Windows 8, it's very easy.

    Also the ability for Windows 8 on tablets to turn into the full blown Windows OS experience on the fly is wonderful. Metro is wonderful for use as a tablet. If you have your a convertible device that turns into a laptop you get to easily enjoy all your legacy apps and interact with your regular desktop. It's a true hybrid. Offers a fantastic laptop, and an ultra powered tablet. Windows 8's design makes it work.

    Using Windows 8 on a desktop is also a wonderful experience, but it does take a little getting use to the lack of a start button. Metro isn't that useful on classic desktops, but once you boot up and login and click the desktop tile you no longer have to see the metro interface again until you reboot. The regular desktop is everything you could ever want it to be, with an improved task bar that'll span across multiple monitors even.

    Internet Explorer 10 featured in Windows 8 has also been a treat. I was a Firefox / Chrome user for quite some time, but decided to see how far I can go before installing a third party browser. IE10 has very interested me. IE10 in the metro interface is fantastic when used a tablet, it's fun, quick, and stable. IE10 desktop works great also, with color coded tabs, and settings that sync between the desktop and metro versions. The third party browser makers haven't come up with any valid metro versions of their browsers yet. Chrome just tosses the desktop version inside a Metro interface. I find that lazy.

    In the end, Windows 8 and IE10 have made me a very happy geek. And these laptop-convertible hybrids are the first piece of new technology that has really made me excited for a matter of years. I always wanted a tablet, but I don't want a tablet and a laptop. It'd be a device to replace my laptop. Unfortunately with the traditional tablets I would have to make lots of sacrifices for it to replace my laptop. Now I can get both in one device. A fantastic laptop for work, and a wonderfully functional tablet for play.
  • Raven - Oh, to be humanI had lost a lot of faith in humanity and was disgusted by the world. It is easy to forget that the people in the news and tabloids are a minority filling up far too much space. Not everyone is stealing money, manipulating the government, cheating on their spouse, committing heinous crimes, blowing people up...etc. Then, I stumbled on HONY and these photos brought me back to reality and helped me remember why I'm so in love with being part of this species. I got the book today and started crying somewhere before the English Bulldog and didn't stop until the end. Online, HONY is wonderful. But the book makes it tangible. My baby has just gotten interested in photos and paintings and sharing this book with her is going to be wonderful.
  • Niche - The only table chair that fits tables with skirts!!!We have had the hardest time finding a table chair that will fit our dining room table. All because of the skirt! We purchased our table from Crate and Barrel and it has a 3" skirt. We liked the style, but never thought we would run into the problem of not finding a hook on table chair that would fit it. Well, we did. We looked at the lobster, the meeto and finally we found this one. It is a tight fit, but it works and that is why we love it.
  • Jay Charley - very good productI've been using this for exactly one month, purchased off Amazon prime. Call it correlation or causality, but I have had zero breakouts since using it; I'll update the review as time goes on to find out. I'm an adult man, with a light beard and very sensitive skin, and I have not had any of the dryness or tightness you often get from using products like this. If you have sensitive skin, this is a very good treatment.