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City: Auckland, Auckland

  • Brandy - Happy with this grillI am happy with this purchase. I love the small size because it blends nicely on the patio and the red color adds some interest. The grilled food is great. The food tastes just like food cooked on a gas grill. We purchased this grill because we do not have to deal with a propane tank and refilling it. I would recommend this grill. We have cooked chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and vergetables so far and they have all been outstanding. The grilled food flavor is amazing.

    Regarding the assembly, it was difficult to install the wheels. Our product came with the silver hubs cabs attached which is a problem. To attach the wheels you have to put a clip through the inside of the wheel and it is impossible to do this when the silver hub caps are on. This was obviously a manufacturing error and was not suppose to be sent to the consumer this way based on the instruction steps. I was stumped about how to remove the hub caps without breaking them since they are plastic. I was lucky enough to find a website which posted how to remove the silver hub caps. All you need to do it pop the plastic hooks from the back. Removing the hooks was not easy because the hooks are shaped to lock into place once they are installed so it took a while. I would recommend Charbroil add a note about removing siler hub caps to their instructions. Also, I'm sure if you really got stuck a customer service number could probably help you over the phone. One a scale of difficulty with 1 being easy and 5 being impossible, I would rate the wheel installation a 2. Overall, putting this grill together took about 1 to 2 hours. We used the grill the same night it was delivered.

    If you are considering this grill I would recommend it. We are very happy with our purchase! We did purchase the Patio Bistro through Amazon because they had the best deal. Happy Grilling!
  • Rose Murray "Writer - Astrologer" - Align is fineI don't know that a product like this needs a review. My doctor recommended these pills and I find this is the easiest, least expensive way to receive them each month. If you use Align, you won't find a better bargain anywhere.
  • Penny - Works Just Like Magic!This hose works exactly as advertised. Be sure to read the instructions and it will be your favorite hose ever. I am outside using it all the time now where I used to hate having to use my old hose. It's so light that it makes a bad chore a pleasant task. I had no problems with leaking (something that I did have all the time with my other hoses) and it reaches clear around my house which my other hoses didn't. It's very flexible and you can easily pull it wherever you need it. And the best part - it winds up all by itself when you are done! I LOVE it!
  • Shopgirl152ny - Amazing Story of Romance & Finding Your True Worth in Christ!This is an amazing story set during the time of Nehemiah of the Old Testament. Sarah, the fictional cousin of Nehemiah, is the queen's favorite scribe, a job usually held by men. She believes her worth is based on her achievements and that no one will want her for herself. When she does the queen a great service, a marriage is arranged for her to a wealthy Persian aristocrat. This means she must give up the job she loves to marry Darius, a self-involved man who couldn't possibly be happy with her for a wife. When she loses her job, her control, will she turn back to the God she believes abandoned her? Will she find where her true worth lies?

    This is well-written and actually a quite humorous story. Sarah is sarcastic and the wedding scene, while embarrassing and I felt for her and Darius, is also pretty amusing. I like the changes she goes through physically, spiritually, and emotionally throughout the story. I really like how she had to learn to go on after losing what she loves, to make a completely new life for herself. The Persian culture was fascinating to learn about. There's an excerpt included for the sequel and I'm looking forward to seeing what their future holds. This is definitely a must-read!

    I received this book free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.