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  • M. Gorichs - Apparently you are never too old for this programI bought this program for my husband for his 65th birthday. He had just retired and I did not want him to end up sitting watching TV all day like his father did. He LOVES IT. We modify it and work out together every day. The first week we had to buy a large tube of Ben Gay and we head for the hot tub after our morning work out, but now as we finish week 5, we are doing so much better. We have increased the amount of weight we work with so there has to be muscle increase and we have lost pounds.
    My husband sets the alarm so we get up early. He never lets us miss our workout. Although I think Christmas Day will be an exception. The grandkids are not that patient. But then back to business. We LOVE Tony Horton. I have talked about P90X on Facebook and now our neighbors have bought it.
  • angel - a pill wonderThis pill is good, it makes you feel full for along hours. It really works and no side effect. I will buy more as soon as finish this
  • MariaFrancis - Gruesome story conveyed with intelligence and objectivityElizabeth tells her story with a clear voice. It is uplifting to experience her own strength, mental health and fortitude (she never bonds with her captors, she just pretends to bond with them so survive). She can be counted on to always see the perpetrators clearly, never as they wish to be seen. In that respect, *My Story* serves as an illustration of the nature of evil and self-deception in humans. I'm thankful for insights I gained from reading *My Story* concerning the nature of evil and pedophelia and collusions to commit evil. Bravo! Well done.
  • Everything Classic Rock - worth the waithaving played D2 for hundreds of hours, I was nervous whether Blizzard would mess this up after so long. They didnt - and the auction house addition, using game gold, is fun. I dont understand though why "people" would use ACTUAL real currency to "buy" ingame items. People its only a game, anything more and you need a life.