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  • Amber Poppy - great so farI have only used this 3 times but I love it so far. It is easy to set up. My daughter loves being closer to the action when we are at restaurants. It helps her stay content for longer periods of time than when we put her in a high chair. It also has more back support than the restaurant high chairs.
  • Badwolf - No more banana purée!Prior to this mind blowing invention, I didn't have the means or the ingenuity to get inside of a banana. My family used to put our bananas in the street and I'd run over them with may car at 42 mph. As you can imagine, this wasn't ideal, but it was all we knew. The Hutzler 571 slices thru bananas like Doctor Who slices thru time and space! We're out of the street and back in the kitchen!!!
  • comptech3 - A sobering trendBefore reading this, I have followed incidents of paramilitary police activity in the media. This book is a concise reporting of the trend of American police departments turning into armies with an "Us Against Them" mentality ("Them" being citizens of the United States of America).

    It's not an indictment of individual officers. It shows that our current law enforcement system is broken.
  • eringinia - Must have!This book has been a lifesaver! My baby is almost 4 months old and I don't know what I would have done w/out this book. There were times during the first 2 weeks especially that we were up in the middle of the night referencing this book to make sure everything was ok. It's a must have for any new family!