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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 94901 San Rafael, California

  • Michael A. Loera "Loera" - Product came quick but unfortunately for me, it does not workIt says on the Rogaine website that the product works in 85% of the people that use it, I guess I am in the 15% that it does not work for. The product is easy to use but if you already have hair on your head than using just the "half capfull" it tells you is nearly impossible. A half capful absorbs in my hair before it hits the scalp. Also, the smell is not bad but it can bleach your hair if you put it in and then go out into the sun, like at the beach where I live.
  • Laura in CA - Great reference bookI work in the medical industry, and could not do my job nearly as well without this book. I have to find crosswalk codes for invalid codes that are billed by medical providers, and this is the book to have for that. You simply look up the billed code, read the description, and find something similar that is valid for payment.
  • M. Doyle "FNP student" - Great Lotion! Same as in the boutique but lots less $$$$.This is the SAME as sold in the tanning salon. I have used Designer Skin lotions for years and this is the exact same product. You have to be careful when applying though...wipe your hands or you'll end up with brown palms! and make sure you apply it lightly and evenly or you will streak. Great product! Smells wonderful!
  • Carmen - MagnificentI can not put the book down! As I'm reading I'm talking in my "head oh I see why this guy did this.Because I did that or said this. This book will be right next to my Bible. Spirituality & Relationship advice."Kudos to Matt". What an interesting read. Also got one for my teenager.It's never to early to get her started.