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  • happy mom - Get your control back!No matter what age our children are, all of us hit road bumps, get lost, and need to ask for directions. This program is so detailed and precise you will have "ah ha" moment after moment. You are not alone, help is always a phone call away, and it is easy!!! No complicated learning, just real life problem solving for you and your children. They will be happier and you will be too. This is an amazing program, I have gotten two of my close friends that were at wits end, to sign up! IT WORKS!!!
  • Doris - GREAT product!I've been taking this pill for a week. So far so good, I've noticing my stomach is flatter & I eat less than usual.
    I love it how it doesn't give me any allergic reaction or any side effect.
  • Stephen L. Hall - Our Greatest PresidentExtremely well written biography which unfolds the story of the life of Coolidge with a seamless integration of his character, humor, personal life and public career. In the book, you can see the cultural influences of the progressive movement and the beginnings of the growth of government from the then recent changes in the Constitution. On the other hand, the author makes Mrs. Coolidge and President Coolidge feel like an old family friend.
  • K. Berglund - My Favorite Album of All Time...ForeverWords can't really say how much I love this album, but I will try anyway.

    I was 9 years old when this album came out in 1979. I was only familiar with the single "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" at first, and I played the '45 until it cracked (literally). I remember the radio playing the entire album late one night (beginning at midnight) and I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning just to listen to the whole thing. Then, my older brother bought the 8 track tape. As some of you who are familiar with 8 track tapes might remember, if you play the thing too many times, the sound begins to warp. Well, I warped my brothers 8 track of "The Wall" pretty quickly. At that point, I had to resort to going to my friends house to listen to the album (he had the vinyl copy). I didn't get my own copy of "The Wall" on vinyl until my birthday in September of 1980. Hey, I was just a 9 year old kid, I had no money to buy my own copy.

    I don't really know what it was about "The Wall" that made me love it so much. Maybe it was all the cool artwork when you opened the record up (something you won't get if you buy the MP3 version). Maybe it was the theatrical nature of the album ("The Trial" was one of the weirdest things I had ever heard). My young ears were blown away. To this day, I can still listen to "The Wall" and never get tired of it.

    There are numerous classics on this album. "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2," "Mother," "Goodbye Blue Sky," "Young Lust," "Hey You," "Comfortably Numb," and "Run Like Hell" are obvious ones. For me, it was "Side 3" of the record that I loved the most. Starting with "Hey You", a beautiful, haunting ballad sung by David Gilmour that builds to an emotional climax with Roger shouting "Don't tell me there's no hope at all! Together we stand, divided we fall!" Next up is "Is There Anybody Out There?" which has one of the most moving, somber acoustic guitar solo I have ever heard. "Nobody Home", "Vera", and "Bring the Boys Back Home" all flow together beautifully, and you can feel real, deep emotion in Roger's vocals. "Comfortably Numb" ended side 3 on the vinyl version, and this song is truly Floyd's masterpeice. The guitar solo at the end ranks as one of the best ever, by any band.

    I'll be seeing Roger performing this album later this year. I was too young in 1980 to catch Pink Floyd's performances of The Wall, but I knew people who did go, and I felt so jealous. Now, 30 years later, I will finally get my chance.
  • thedoctor8706 - Good Edition (So Far): A Cleaned Up 2012 EditionHaving just begun preparing for Step I (May 29 is the day!), I eagerly picked up the newest copy of First Aid. And by newest copy, I'm referring to the actual physical text, not the Kindle version. I've been working with the 2012 edition, but picked up the 2013 edition as I plan on doing Doctor's In Training 2013, and they require the most up-to-date text. I haven't read the book through in earnest yet, but from my quick skimmings, what I have noticed is that most of the content is very similar to the 2012 edition, except that the HUGE list of errata from the 2012 edition has been corrected. Other than that, you'll find a few picture tweaks here and there, but nothing major. I did notice the cover is made of a newer material this year, which is much hardier than previous editions, not to mention more "spill-proof."

    I have since had the binding from my copy removed and the text 3-hole punched, and was relieved to find that a typical 3-hole punch will not punch out any words or graphics. Now my edition is in a nice binder, ready for annotation and adding of other material as I see fit.

    If I come across any huge errors or problems with this text, I'll update my review, but as for now, I'm pleased with the updates they've made.

    EDIT: I have noticed some errors as I have gone into my devoted Step I study period, but they are still much less than that of the 2012 edition. I still like the small changes they made (like incorporating embryology into each section rather than give it its own chapter) and think this is one of the better releases! Check First-Aid's website for a most up-to-date list of 2013 errata.