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  • stacie pyfer - 0 star for good advice, 5 stars for entertainmentWe have a copy of this book at our hospital purely for entertainment. With such sound advice as "don't tie a crab to a goiter" or " don't eat a vulture to cure syphilis", it is quite possibly the most entertaining book that I have ever read. The illustrations alone have us all rolling. I can understand the layman's interest as a resource, but there must be at least a million better resources- but none as amusing. I recommend it purely for entertainment. And remember-you don't get worms from eating sweets, you get them from eating SH*T!
  • Teaching Mama "Teaching Mama" - My Kids Love ItMy 3 y.o. got this for Christmas and loves the pre-loaded apps and all of the games we've purchased. This device is durable and easy for her to use. It provides educational and creative entertainment. Her 6 y.o. sister also loves this toy and they frequently take turns or play together. They love creating videos and taking pictures with the device. Pairing this with the rechargeable battery pack sold separately makes this a great beginner tablet for kids.
  • PetDetective - Pet Detective Approved!Having previously used the Garmin Astro, I purchased our first Tagg in April 2012 and have been delighted with both the size and performance of the unit. Because it is used extensively in the field on a Working Search K-9 with Pet Search and Rescue, often in dense brush, heavy vegetation & marshes, we have really put it to the test, and Tagg has proved both user-friendly and reliable. Customer service has been exceptional. Tagg is routinely recommended to all our clients!

    Judy Britton
    K-9 Handler/Lost Pet Recovery Specialist
  • Patricia Donahue - Opposite Take on RaptureYears ago one of my children enjoyed reading a series about people who had been "left behind" while others had supposedly gone to heaven. The author reversed this idea by having dead people come back! While the writing was somewhat simplistic for my taste, the story had me glued to my Kindle.