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  • Tawnja C. - This vacuum sucks!I'm VERY glad I ended up choosing this model...our carpets/floors have never felt so clean! I like that it has several attachments and use the long extension brush to dust up high and get spider webs, etc. It has a window above the brush so you can see if there is any hair or thread wrapped that needs to be removed without having to pick up the unit and turn over. It has a 7 year guarantee and not having to buy bags--ever--is a very nice bonus. Fast shipping and a great deal, too!
  • Travis Marlette - This works wellI had a Skin Tag under my arm, and I had had it for years. It was small, but it would get irritated whenever I would exercise. i went to the doctor, and they said it would be about $150 bucks to get rid of it, which i wasn't about to pay. I saw Tag Away a couple years after that visit, and figured that it wouldn't work, but it was a lot cheaper than the doctor, so what they hay right?

    I truly didn't think it would do anything for me, and when you do put it on it smells like a form of Eucalyptus, though quite strong. I followed the schedule relatively close. some days two applications, others 3, and about 5 weeks later, the tag just went black, and dried out. it happened over about three days, but after that, it was like having a loose scab under my arm. I mean that literally, because every time I went to pull it off, there was the similar pain of picking a scab.

    Anyway, about a week after that, it simply fell off, and no scar. Personally I would recommend it. It's considerably cheaper than a doctor, though based on these reviews I'd say not effective for everyone. Is it worth a shot... in my opinion, absolutely. Do a cost comparison with your family doctor first, then decide for yourself if the cost is worth it.
  • David L. Laidig - Nice glasses for a fair price.Wow these things are GREAT! They are so much better than what came with the Sammy. They are very comfortable and they are rechargeable with the standard USB mini. Is the performance better that the stock ones??....nah I don't see that. They are just way more comfortable if you need to wear glasses under them.
  • Emma Lee "fryingsoul" - Excellent streaming media player at a great priceI got this player as a gift for my dad when he was visiting us. He used to watch TV dramas and movies on our small 13-in apple macbook and always complained about the screen size. We got this player and hooked it to our home entertainment system via HDMI. Now my dad can watch his favorite shows on our big LED TV. So far, he has been very thrilled about the product and told us several times that it is one of the best gifts he has received so far.