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  • Chrissy K. McVay "Writer" - Roxio Creator 2011 ReviewThough I had some difficulty downloading this program to my laptop, it worked well on the home computer. I don't claim to be computer savvy, so I'm certain it was my lack of knowledge at fault and not the product. Though the product has a bit more features than I may ever use, I am certainly having fun with it! I was able to scan and organize the vast amount of photos I had accumulated and easily burn them onto disk, as well as setting up slides, short photo films and transfers from my laptop webcam to burn onto disk. A great gift for graduating seniors, college students or people like myself who want to get their photos organized or create great slide shows for family Christmas gifts and keepsakes.
  • Dan - Quicken 2013We love this program! To be able to enter our receipts on the fly with our smartphone or tablet keeps us so much more organized! I would highly recommend this product, even if you are already using Quicken! This is worth the cost of the upgrade!
  • The Lunar Staff "Moonlight Entertainment & Sales" - Quick... Get The Books!After an audit in 2006, we really needed to keep our records in order. It is one of the biggest business chores you need to stay on top of. Especially for solo small business owners.

    Although everything was in order, keeping track of all those receipts, invoices, vendor records, ect... was absolutely overwhelming. Especially when you are trying to run the daily operations of your business.

    Trust me when I say, "being audited is no fun and is a scary thing to go thru". We were lucky to have gotten a a good agent to deal with and was enough patient with us. This is definitely not the case with most.

    I do like this software very much, but the software is only as good as the one who is inputting the data.

    Installation was simple without any issues. We upgraded from the 2009 Pro version. However, we are still running older versions of other software because we trust them and they work for us... so far.

    Windows XP Pro SP3
    Microsoft Office 2007

    The file attachment feature is great, mainly because we can attach receipts and invoices to individual accounts and helps pinpoint our expenditures and operational costs, i.e. fuel, motel, food, vehichle repair and maintenance, etc...

    Although this is a new install, only 2 months, thoroughly, we have not put it through the ringer yet. As we are progressive in using more of the features, we will update our review.

    Overall, I am completely satified with this software and hope that it will be a functional tool for our record keeping. Because an audit is a huge distraction, causes much mental anguish, and is terrible waste of valuable time.