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  • Jess J. - One of the greatest moments of my lifeMy boyfriend and I had the privilege of seeing Sade live in concert on July 6, 2011 in Boston. Our seats were 6th row center! The show was absolutely amazing. The moment Sade took the stage, we were up out of our seats. Her voice, the band, and sets took my breath away. Looking around in the crowd, it was great to see all of the different groups of people who love and are moved by her music. Sade is timeless!!! That day will forever be etched in my brain as one of the greatest moments of my life!!!!
  • mk87 - Finally remission without medicationI was diagnosed with crohn's disease in september 2010, after undergoing an appendectomy. The prescribed medication was ineffective, four months after my diagnosis surgery was required. I had an Ileo-colic resection Jan 2011. The surgeon said it was likely that I would experience diarrhea at least four or five times per day (due to the particular section of bowel that was removed), but that there was medication to treat this. I have been on this diet for a month now and I have not experinced any diarrhea or abdominal pain (which I was so used to experiencing prior to surgery)all without any medications! I am so excited about this book and would recommend it to anyone with intestinal disorders. I have never felt better!
  • awiseguys95 - No More Recklessly Biting Into Fruit! :OLooking back, I can hardly believe there was a time when I had to bite aimlessly into a banana, hoping I'd successfully consume it in 18 equal bites. Or worse, attempt to slice it evenly with a knife, only to totally screw it up, and my banana pudding would be ruined.:( And sharing a banana was nearly impossible because there would always be fights over whose portion was larger. Other reviewers who stated how this product--this miraculous Hutzler 571 banana slicer-- was a marriage saver, were speaking the truth! And the kids love this handy slicer so much, I can't stop them from eating ALL of the bananas! I have to run to the grocery store DAILY! Now we are all full of potassium and thriving like a bunch of monkeys, all thanks to the Hutzler 571 banana slicer! I want to purchase more so we can slice more than one banana at a time, but I'm holding out for the 572 model. Please don't keep us waiting too long. Thank you, Amazon, for bringing us these cutting edge products!
  • Bob Aislesix - mind openingI'm an avid reader and private searcher in the areas of mind expansion. This is a wonderful stimulant.A book that helps to cleanse the doors of perception. I admire Mr. Pinchbeck's desire and dedication to travel the byways of his personal life to bring back reports for those of us who are armchair explorers. Thanks......
  • Vladimir Miletic - A stunning musical masterpieceOk, The Dark Side of the Moon is the greatest album recorded. The Wall is their most emotional work and Division Bell is Pink Floyd's most mature work. Whenever I can choose what to listen to, I'll take Division Bell. It's unusual, and only true Pink Floyd fans will know how to appreciate this.
    Pay attention to these songs: Great Day for Freedom, Marooned, and What Do You Want From Me?