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Hadbai - medical database, web design and music remixing - Medical databases for hospital doctors, web design and music remixing at Hadbai. Every medical database is fully Windows compatable. The medical databases have been developed with doctors.


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  • Robert D. Taylor - How to find Product KeyI just purchased the download version of this Norton product and everything went well. Yes, this is a 15-day free trial download, but you are purchasing an activation code (Product Key) as well, and you'll need to enter that Product Key to activate the year-long subscription.

    To find the Product Key on Amazon, click on "Your Account", scroll down to "Digital Content", then click on "Your Games and Software Library." Locate your Norton purchase - that's where you'll find your Product Key.

    You can also open the folder you downloaded and click on the "1 User - 1 PC Keys" file.
  • dream factory - A Hot Little BookI mean hot full of quick hard facts about all the infections your gonna meet in my ER. Some heavyweights come in early (2am) and often. So you get to know you ABX drug of choice pretty well of things like peritonitis, cholangitis, meningitis, cellulitis, NH pneumonia.

    But what's new with those weird things that don't come around often enough to be carved into your cerebrum? Like neo fever, botulism, human bites, mastoiditis, immune compromised infections, HIV hepatitis.

    Keep this little pocket book handy and you'll learn quick enough to stay afloat down here. The Sanford guide is a complicated dinosaur, the pharmacopeia is too dinky. Pull those rags out during morning rounds and you'll be eating them for breakfast. If we have time.

    What I'm getting at; this is the book for ER ID rounds. . . . Ok sure it doesn't have the newest doc for c. Diff (Dificid) or Teflaro or Xerese. But any med book is already outdated the day it's printed. Anyway stay away from that new stuff till it's been tested on the human heard by our learned ID colleagues upstairs.

    Ok, get some sleep. Bring your Ritalin. And don't you dare be late. The unit secretary will literally shoot you, then I'll have to sew you up.

    And don't lean on them walls, you are doctors now, not scarecrows!!
  • Emily - Worth Every Penny!Bought this for my son who loves to kick his feet. We've had it for about a month now and he just loves it. Most days he'll play on it for at least 30 minutes. Gives us time to get some stuff done and then go sit by him and play with him. Also good for tummy time, as my little one loves to watch himself in the mirror. Would recommend it to anyone!
  • Andy Aitch - Can't Fault It!After 10 years online building and promoting websites, I became quite adept at SEO (both on-page and off), but that was then, and this is now! Having read this eBook from cover to cover, I think you would be hard pressed to find more informative, descriptive, and easy-to-understand material on the subject of present day SEO anywhere. I've since learned a lot of what to do and what not to do, and found this an invaluable read. It's certainly more explanatory and useful than all the speculative posts and scaremongering written on the plethora of blogs run by so-called SEO experts (most of whom are trying to flog a quick fix product or service anyway!).
  • P. Fielding - Windows 8 a winner in my book.I have not been disappointed at all with Windows 8 Pro. It is very stable and has a lot of useful built-in apps and many available on Microsoft's app store. It is east to switch back and froth between the start menu and the desktop mode. As with any new OS, it takes some effort to learn new techniques of doing things. I enjoy exploring new OSs.