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  • Ambird - Bite and spit no more....Thanks to the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, my family no longer have to endure my bite and spit method of banana cutting. I'll miss the fun of aiming and delivering freshly processed banana bits to their cereal and sandwiches...and they will no doubt miss the saliva and tooth marks in their bananas. I guess this is progress.
  • P. Jacobs "pmjacobs00" - Owned this a year and still thrilled!I'm a bit of a soda fiend and was carrying bottle after bottle of soda home from the grocery store and still always running out. I saw the ads for the Soda Stream and was worried it was a high priced gimmick or novelty. I couldn't find any at sale prices. I took the risk to get this starter kit and have been thrilled from day one! I can make a liter or two of soda in moments. I usually keep chilled water in the fridge and make three bottles at a time. The Soda Stream is an attractive silver and black, and sits on my kitchen counter just like a coffee maker. It is simple plastic but no parts have broken in the year I have owned it. The canisters swap out easily in moments.

    You can only use Soda Stream bottles as they screw into the maker so extra bottles cost about $10.00 each. You have to hand wash them as they can't take the heat of a dishwasher but a simple rinse is sufficient. I have never had a bottle fail so think of possibly a hundred or more plastic bottles of soda that I haven't had to buy, supporting that this is an eco-friendly machine. The half-liter bottle is a good carrying around size.

    Carbonated canisters cost $30 new and $15 to trade them in for refills. While many stores sell supplies, such as Wal-Mart, fewer sell canister refills. Staples sells canister refills and they are everywhere. I have three canisters. I get refills when two are empty so I never run out at home. Try out just one and see how long it last you. One does more refills than I can count.

    While many of the flavors are very tasty they don't seem to match their brand counterparts. I love real diet coke, but not the Soda Stream diet cola flavor. Instead my favorites are the diet Doctor Pete and root beers, and sometimes the ginger ale, lemon, and lime as alternates. There are over 20 flavors in Soda Stream brad plus more by other makers. For real drinkers this makes it super easy to make the right mixer for your alcoholic drink, or just plain soda, without having to keep all those mixers at home. I bought a couple of half litter bottles to make up smaller amounts of different flavors. I also like to make some soda extra fizzy and it is totally up to me to match my mood.

    Health wise, while some people worry about soda not being good for them, my doctor said I was borderline diabetic and needed to lose weight. My diet allowed sugar free soda as an alternate to sugary desserts which does help (lost 40+ pounds so far.)

    I would recommend the Soda Stream without hesitation to any regular soda drinker.
  • SillyMoose - Picky installation systemI would like to give it 5 stars for ease of use, logical placement of all commands and easy layout. It worked beautifully on my daughters laptop, but would not install on my bigger, better faster computer, telling me that I do not have enough memory, when I have tons, more than 100 times than needed. Company's website and call in help were useless.