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  • LaDiva Shan - Better than BotoxI was considering getting Botox after trying Meditate wipes for the last 2yrs. I got scared with the needles poking at my face and the swelling side effected scared me off. I suffer from hyperhydrosis on my face and it's unbearable and embarrassing in the summer. I cannot wear make-up, go to B-BQs, even when I go dancing its embarrassing how much I sweat on my face. Meditate wipes only last a day and leave a hard antiperspirant layer on my forehead and areas I place it. When I tried SweatBlock it was the best thing I've ever done. I applied it before bed, dabbing it on my hairline & a lil on my eye lids & under my eyes and top of my nose, it stung a lil and stunk like bug repellent. But I just kept it on. The next morning wash everything off and it worked-no sweat and applied my makeup no problem no side effects and lasted 5-7days! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!
  • Tammy - A great tablet for a great price.Got two Kindle Fires on Black Friday at Best Buy for $99. Can't beat the price, especially since they're 16 GB. I bought them for my 7 year old and 5 year old. I especially love the parental control features you can enable to make the whole tablet experience safer for children. They can play their games, watch movies and read books and I can keep my peace of mind.