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  • R. Brezsny "Truth Rooster" - Sublime Thought ExperimentWith this book, Pinchbeck joins the elite ranks of the renegade prophets who are also first-rate thinkers. Like Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna, he is a visionary activist who uses breakthrough perceptions, witty analysis, and well-grounded intuition as he conspires to overthrow the sour, crippling mass hallucination that is mistakenly called "reality."

    The reviewers who make the preposterous accusation that "2012" is awash in New Age tropes are just not very smart. While Pinchbeck does explore ideas that fundamentalist materialists are allergic to, he does so with a rigorous blend of skepticism and curiosity, marshalling a resilient, tough-minded pioneer's perspective.

    There are no clichés here, no lazy abstractions. The habit of mind characteristic of the true believer--whether that's a right-wing religious fanatic, New Age guru, or high priest of atheist intellectualism--is a devotion to the party line. But Pinchbeck's sublime thought experiments consistently delight exactly because he delivers surprise after surprise.
  • Johnson - Great but paper quality is not so goodI owned both Sanford guide 2010 and 2013. There isn't a big difference between the two but the paper quality is so thin and easy to tear for the 2013 edition. Overall, as a 3rd year pharmacy student, I think it is very helpful in terms of looking up antibiotics. About the font, it is really small.
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  • Mr Gavin McGhee - the perfect giftThis book is pure poison, and is the perfect ironic christmas joke present!

    . . . However, I felt extremely guilty for contributing to this enterprise and promoting such a skewed version of reality / Christmas spirit, so I decided to offset the 'toxicity footprint' with an equal donation to a worthy charity.

    Now I can share in Palin's craziness and also sleep at night. ;-)
  • Penny Lane "health seeker" - Review of The One-Minute CureHaving a history of cancer and arthritis in the family I was very curious as to what the One-Minute Cure was all about. It was written in a simple to understand format and very informative as to this possible alternative to healing disease. The facts presented peaked my interest enough to want to give this method a try as an alternative to drugs with dangerous side-effects. I have no expectations at this point other than an open mind and the hope of reaping some positive results.