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  • Aimless Wander - Radical To Us, Business As Usual To The First ChurchIt is always interesting when I see a book like Radical come to light in the mainstream populace. We may belong to or have a big church, have a lot of influence and may even be the pastor of such. But are we following what Jesus taught or what we want to think he taught?
    Each generation seems to redesign Christianity, the Bible and Jesus. We mold them to fit our current lifestyles so we don't have to face the reality that it just isn't what Jesus had in mind. Where did jesus promise wealth, influence or lifestyle as an accolade for devotion? Not in my Bible either.
    Radical juxtaposes the walk we are supposed to undertake with the actual walk we take with jesus.

    *I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.*
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  • Rogue Dream Press - Better than a Girlfriend!!!I haven't had a girlfriend for a few years now. I consider myself 'between relationships' when people ask, but the truth is I just have a hard time trusting women. They're always wanting a guy to pay for everything and take them on dates and stuff even tho they KNO guys aren't into that kinda stuff. So it seems kinda unequality to me, when i think about it. On top of that we're stuposed to do all the hard work and they just put dishes in the dishwasher n stuff.

    So when i heard of this pen and read how feminine it is, i KNOW i had to have one! i immediately ordred the six pack because A) I like six packs! (in my fridge at least) and B) because 6 women is better than ONE any day!!!

    So the pens arrived and i found them just as sensual and curvaceous as promised! i prefer the 'Caucasian Labia' colored one, as well as them Avatar Labia colors in the pack. The orange one is a little suspiciously too much like some ethnic type, so i don't use that one.

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