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  • Rebecca Robinson - those crazy kidsthis milk, with a gentle bouquet and soothing aroma should be aged in an oak cellar upon delivery for best results. two weeks should suffice.

    drink it straight, or pour it over a bowl of cheerios for something a little different.

    first time milk drinkers beware - once you've gone tuscan, you'll never go back.

    now i just wish they'd come out with a 1%, for those of us watching our girlish figures.
  • Rian D. Fowler - This is the oneI've suffered from cold sores since I was 12 and I've used everything on the market from snake oil (Herpacin), to OTC FDA approved (Abreva), to prescription antivirals (Valtrex) and this is the only treatment that works in a day. Abreva doesn't work so don't waste your time on that crap. Valtrex works really well and will usually have you healed up within 2-3 days but it's expensive and most doctors will only prescribe you 2-3 doses. If you suffer from cold sores often that means you're going to have to go back to the doctor at least once a year to get a refill.

    I got the tingle last night and used this aggressively on it within 2 hours. Eighteen hours later, I would usually be seeing some major blistering going on if I'd not treated it but the small blister that was forming when I applied is it gone and there's only a little bit of swelling and redness. No tingle, no pain- nothing.

    This stuff works by penetrating your skin and eradicating the virus at the site. Valtrex is the only other treatment you can get that attacks the virus directly (by mutating its genes) but even that doesn't KILL the virus.

    Because this relies on getting deep into your skin to work, you've got to aggressively apply it by rubbing it in from all angles around the sore. You don't have to push down hard but it's good to use a circular motion both directions, let it dry out a bit, and then go again until all of the medicine is gone from the applicator.
  • Alternate Worlds - Quality from Down UnderIf you are looking for fresh and interesting horror fiction you should do yourself a favour and download this little beauty for free. The Australian Horror Writers Sampler 2013 is a deliciously dark and twisted wander through the work of seven writers. A couple of the authors contained herein I’d heard of but the delight for me was discovering the work of those that I hadn’t and will now in all honesty, seek out, buy and read.

    The sampler kicks off with “The Grief School” by Matthew Tait. This twisted tale is about a gambler who, in order to pay off his debts, makes a deal with a very human devil. It’s disturbing and goes off down some very dark paths but is a great read with jet black shades of early Clive Barker shot through its’ veins.

    This is then followed by “Harry’s Dead Poodle” by David Kernot. This is another dark and disturbing tale about a man, his love of poodles, a lunchbox and his neighbour. A weird mix but the writing, like the initial story, is raw, in your face and has a great finale. Probably not one to read before dinner though!

    The third story is an extract from a novel called “End of Dreams: The immortal Destiny Book One” by Kim Faulks. This one bowled me over. Visceral and brutal, it introduces Edric Hastings “The Woodcutter”, a child serial killer and his date with destiny at the hands of Mercy, a vampire. As an introduction to her work it’s very full on but very, very good. Definitely on my “to read” wish list!

    Hear No Evil by Shane Jiraiya Cummings is a great little tale about a man involved in an industrial accident who is disturbed by screams. Again, I am on the hunt for more of Mr. Cummings’ work.

    The Nightmare Dimension is another rollicking good novella from David Conyers. Take a pinch of Clive Barker, a drop of Hellblazer, a good glug of quality writing, a handful of magic and demonology and shake vigorously and you have this heady brew of a story. Conyers never fails to impress with the sheer fun that he conveys through his writing.

    Empties by Jay Caselberg was another story that I really liked. Hell, I liked them all but this has a more subtle writing style to it that just lingers. The story follows the breakdown of a relationship and the main character’s obsession with people who he sees out and about who just appear empty. It’s not overtly horrific but has this perspective about human behaviour and psychology that just struck a chord with me.

    The End of Ever (Part 1) by Troy Barnes has shades of “The Drive In” about it. It is another novel extract where a group of people are transported to somewhere where darkness reigns. A tantalising glimpse is all we get. Another one for the wish list methinks! In fact pretty much everything here is wish list material. This is a great wee freebie to get and a wonderful introduction to a whole new world of horror and darkness.
  • DWAYNE A ALLISON - Awsome product for the moneyWe purchase this for our 5year son. It hasn't left his hands since we got it. So far we haven't purchased any apps for it because the apps that come with it seem to be enough entertainment for him for now. However it doesn't come with videos or e-books those are extra ( They range from $5.00-$25.00 per app at The Pet Pad is his favorite app. There he can practice handwriting, spelling, and bathe his pet. You can create your own breed of animals.(example: a purple dragon with a pig's ears, a cat's mouth that barks like a dog) Play with your pet by popping balloons. Feed your pet. ( I enjoy this game alot when he goes to bed). He can draw pictures, The Photo Art is neat, cause he can take pictures of himself to draw on. The LeapPad 2 has a camera, and video recorder built in so they can make their on home movies. You can adjust your children's learning levels from pre-k to 6th grade. They're 3 individual profiles plus 1 guest profile. Example if you have 3 kids; you will have a profile for each kid & a profile for a "guest" child so you'd only need 1 Leapfrog2 pad. Each profile you can custom to that child except guest their progress isn't recorded or saved. It is worth the money. It can take a beating! I like the fact the LeapPad2 doesn't have wi-fi. There's no way he can get on the internet and no one can hack his toy. It also has a music app with 5 songs that are educational like ABC song, The Vowel song, ect.