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  • K. Conklin - Works with Panasonic ST30 setIf you have Panasonic 3D television - model ST30 for sure - these glasses will work. I have nothing to compare them to, just determined person when it comes to unreasonable pricing. Panasonic brand 3D glasses seem to be often unavailable and/or too expensive. These glasses were shipped quickly to me from Amazon and I used them last night to view the HBO 3D movies I have available through my cable provider. Color was great, comfort fine, 3D effects enjoyable. Glad I bought them as I did get good price on the television through amazon realizing that active shutter 3D glasses would be an added expense - but still...all good values compared to competing brands. I have to admit I puzzled over the two additional nosepads in the packaging thinking I was supposed to figure out how to add one for comfort. Hey...I'm a senior citizen! Finally realized they are replacement nosepads - not "add on" nosepads. I am trusting the auto turn-off as described in little direction book that says 5 minutes after not in use they turn off. I didn't want to press the on/off button and cause the battery to drain when I wanted them to be off. Obviously time will tell if my passive means of turning off will work over the long term. If anyone here has warning for me in respect to this, please comment. Otherwise, I recommend this purchase!
  • tommythegun "tommythegun" - Can work on receding hairline and easy to use too!I've had a steadily receding hairline since age 22. I'm 31 now. I started to use Propecia three years ago, which slowed the progression and allowed me to grow some back, but ultimately proved to be just delaying the inevitable. I started using Rogaine Foam two months ago, after I gave up trying to use liquid Rogaine years ago because I found it too cumbersome to work with and it dripped into my face. All I can say is wow. In two months, I've had hair coming back on my head in places that I haven't seen since I was a teenager. It's steadily getting thicker and darker too (though I have some thinner, paler, vellus hair on the sides still). I have enough now that I actually have to be concerned about styling it every morning for the first time in years. This is all after only two months, which supposedly isn't even very long into Rogaine's full effectiveness. And, as I get more hair and grow it longer, I have more options to style and cut it.

    In short, Rogaine does work on receding hairlines and frontal hair loss, no matter what they say. For the sake of disclosure, I still use Propecia as well, plus Nizoral, but I've seen results from Rogaine very quickly and dramatically in my case.

    The stuff does have a bit of a sweetish smell to it that I find a little distracting, sort of like hairspray but stronger. It also leaves my hair where I use it a bit stiffer and clumpier. But it is much easier to work with than the old liquid Rogaine, and supposedly it's more effective as well. You have to use it twice a day (I do morning and night), and you're not supposed to wash it out until it's been able to sit for at least four hours. I recommend letting it dry, then styling or fluffing afterwards with a comb. Takes a little extra bit of time in the morning, but the results are well worth it!
  • Patsy ( - I Read, I Believe & I'm On My Way To A Healing!I found Dr. Pagano's book, quite by accident, inCT, and "What A Find!" I never thought of looking for a book that would have a cure.After suffering for 36 years with psoriasis, and applying expensive 'rub-on' medications, as well as bear grease, bag balm and a host of other home remedies from the "older generation" here at home, I came to the realization that something had to be wrong inside, but no one (doctor) could help me because they didn't have a clue. Now Dr. John Pagano, he had more than a clue, and his book is proof! I bought his book July 23rd. I read it in 3 days, cover to cover. Immediately I gave up the night shade foods! I studied it for 3 days and lent it to my chiropractor for 2 weeks. I got it back and studied it some more, and on August 16th, I was ready, and began the cleansing regimen. I have been following it as closely as I can, and on Saurday, last, I realized that the psoriasis on my scalp was totally gone! It's wonderful! The rest of my body is responding, and realizing that it took me 36 years to get to this point, I've got as long as it takes to heal myself completely! You'll be hearing from me again. The sooner, the better! I have a strong faith in God, and hope, that have kept me going during the very bad times, dealing with this disease. I see myself in those pictures, and am thankful that Dr. John Pagano saw fit to take the works of Edward Cace, and expound on them, to help those of us who have needed someone to care, and help us heal our bodies. Thanks Dr. Pagano! You are one very compassionate person.
  • JOAN JACKSON - engrossing historydeals with the process of setting up anne bolyn for being ousted as queen so that henry viiith can marry jane seymour. history books just state bare facts. this is a beautifully written description of the elaborate machinations required to make henry's ousting of her acceptable to the country and overseas allies and enemies. the writer manages to get the reader very involved and, as in reading mysteries, wondering what on earth is going to be the next step and how it will impact characters you have been led to care about. it lived up to all the raves i heard in advance from friends who had read it.