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  • KKuse - SimCity Restored!Look around the so called reviews and you can see the en masse of fake ones, those that don't support DRM and all that madness. While I may not be an avid DRM supporter myself it still does not mean you demean such a vibrant beautiful game. There is so much complexity and depth in this game than previous iterations..while the maps may not be huge in scale, it still adds so much flavor under the box it leaves you wanting to keep playing more and more. Personally I have not seen any issues with the Dreaded Origin program running in the background, but only time will tell if it will continue to be a smooth experience.

    If you loved previous SimCity games you will not be disapointed with this pickup. So don't listen to the naysayers out there, most haven't even bought the product to do a legitimate review of the game. All I know is this is a game I will keep playing for a long time from now. So much to do and so many map variants and tools to create a city of wonders!

    Review the Game, not the Publisher...
  • Tess1970 - Best acne product availableI'm currently 42 years old and began having adult acne about four years ago. I spent literally thousands of dollars on products and visits to my dermatologist. My official "diagnosis" was cystic nodular acne due to hormones...I was going to the doctor weekly to have shots of medication injected into the affected sites. The doctor prescribed several different, (and very expensive), creams, gels, etc., and none of them helped...with nothing working, my doctor wanted to prescribe Accutane as a last resort. After researching this medication, I was not willing to take the health risks involved, so I was left with doing more research, spending more money, becoming more frustrated, and even beginning to struggle with lowered self-esteem due to the condition of my skin. One day I simply typed "What is the best acne treatment available?" into Google, and I came across Exposed Skin Care. I must tell you that this is the very first review I've ever taken the time to write on any product I've ever purchased. I'm writing this review because it completely changed my skin in ways that nothing else had been able to for four frustrating years. Within the first week, I noticed calming of the existing acne...after that, the acne began to subside, then go away altogether within 4-6 weeks. Not only did it treat the major acne, but also the whiteheads and blackheads. I've used Exposed for about a year now, and I get compliments on my skin all the's fun to tell people that at this time last year I was in a doctor's chair getting shots injected into cysts on my face, and now I don't even have any dark spots where the acne used to be. I wish I had before and after pictures to go along with this really is a true success story. The red/dark spots are all gone...I only use a mineral make-up with minimal concealer necessary. Since I have "maturing" skin, I simply use a make-up and daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen, and a night cream with anti-aging properties along with the Exposed system.
    If you're struggling with acne, you will not regret purchasing this literally changed my life by helping me regain my self-confidence and self-esteem by clearing away the awful acne, controlling oil, and balancing my skin back to normal. Not only is it wonderful, it's very reasonably priced...especially when compared to the products I was purchasing from my doctor. Auto-ship helps ensure I never run out of any of the products, and each time you receive a shipment, there is a coupon for $5 off an individual also receive a discount on individual products when you're a member.
  • Alan Dale Daniel - Excellent As A ReferenceWe have used Microsoft Streets and Trips for years. Our last purchase was 2006. Every one of these products worked well and was accurate. This 2013 version seems to be just as good as the others and just as easy to use. My wife loaded it onto her PC (it will not run on a Mac). My wife is running Windows 7 on a Toshiba PC (5i processor). Anyway, it works great.

    We do not take out of the way trips. Most of our travels are pretty average. We go from Dayton, NV (where we live) to Bend, OR, for example, which is a very straightforward trip. We have traveled over a lot of the USA and past editions of Streets and Trips has always been very useful and accurate; however, we have not gone to Canada or Mexico by car and we do not travel off road. We have not tried the ratings of businesses - which are new to this version - but the maps do show where gas stations are as well as eating establishments so they work well for us.

    We highly recommend this program.

  • Marlyne Moore "hopeful writer" - At Home in MitfordJan Karon's Mitford series books are wonderful. I see my own Pastor in Father Tim. He is funny and so caring. Once you have read "At Home in Mitford" my guess is you won't stop reading until you have read the entire series. These books are uplifting, delightful, fiction, entertaining, christain and inspiring.