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  • Wirecounter - Take the leap!I was getting irritated with my cable bill - well over $200 per month. So I cancelled my HD service and returned two HD converter boxes and purchased this Roku 3.

    Plugged it in and was browsing movies within a couple of minutes. I also have Amazon Prime so I get free movies!

    I could not believe that I was streaming HD movies through wifi. Watched The Avengers and Thor. Amazing HD quality. And, the headphone jack on the remote is AWESOME!

    So good that I purchased another unit for the TV in the other room.

    Cut my cable bill in half (still pay for internet access) and not looking back . . .
  • Heather K. Michon - If You Really, Really, Really Want To Be On A SWAT Team, You Probably Shouldn't BeChances are somewhere in America today, a SWAT team will arrive at a private residence. They'll throw flash-bang grenades and kick in the door; they'll force occupants to the floor at gunpoint and start tearing the place apart. They're will be profanity and screaming. They may kill the family dog, pitbull or poodle. And if they don't find anything, or it turns out they came to the wrong address, too bad. You're not going to get an apology.

    This is the state of policing in America in 2013, says Radley Balko in his new book "Rise of the Warrior Cop." Across the country, law enforcement is turning to SWAT team and other specalized units not for their original purpose of providing rapid response to hostage situations and standoffs, but to serve drug warrants, enforce regulatory issues, and quell political dissent. Police are rapidly accumulating military weapons, armored vehicles, military-style uniforms and an "us against them" attitude that has resulted in wrongful arrests, property damage, injuries, and even deaths.

    While many people have become aware of the militarization of law enforcement since 2001, Balko shows this process began in earnest about 40 years ago, when Richard Nixon decided to exploit the white, middle-class Silent Majority's fears of increasing drug use and crime. The "drug war' and now the "war on terror" has led to a steady erosion of our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure and the "Castle Doctrine," the idea that we are safe from government intrusion in our homes without serious cause.

    Balko traces this history from the roots of the Castle Doctrine in British common law right up into the present day. He looks at the shift in mentality from the community policing model to the military model, where the very citizens the police are sworn to protect become potential threats to be approached with lethal force. He also shows the reality of "mission creep," where there very fact that you have SWAT team - or a tank - means you really want to use them, even in situations where it shouldn't be used. He ends with some commonsense recommendations for change - even as he admits none of them are likely to come to pass in the current political climate.

    It's enlightening, it's frightening, and it's something every American should take the time to read.
  • jvleearch "jvl" - The more storage, the betterI generate very large files in my work and have previously completely filled several hard drives. I long ago determined that I need to have a number of external hard drives to save and back up files. This unit is perfect for my needs and is one of an arsenal of seven drives that are used for these purposes.

    I have used various Seagate drives before and have much confidence in the reliability of Seagate products.