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  • Riley Adam Voth - Radical by David Platt used for groupI ordered this book for a disciple training group the college ministry I'm on staff with does in the summer. It's been great! It's exactly what we needed.

    It's a great book for the students and young adults to read on their own and be motivated to keep going. Reads easy. We haven't done a great deal of discussion around it, and we don't hang over them saying, "Have you done your reading yet?" Cause we just expect them to do it, and those (most everyone) who have read it are really talking about it and the ways it really spoke to them. Once you get it started it goes fast because you just wanna keep reading it. Packed full of challenging truth. I imagine that if we were going through it step by step and discussing, it'd be easy as can be because there are plenty of points to hit on within the content of the book. We just needed one that the group could read on their own but that would still really speak to where so many college students (and other adults) find themselves, stuck in a version of the Christian American dream. Like I said, it's been great reading! Quick read!

    I ordered a box full of them from Amazon and they shipped fast and were in great condition. Small book.
  • Guy Levy "Guy" - Great Tablet - Responsive and PrettyI pre-ordered this tablet after waiting too long for the first transformer. It took a while to ship and I was feeling afraid that I had made a mistake with all the WI-FI and GPS woes I was hearing about.

    The tablet arrived and is looks great. Thankfully stuff worked. I don't really need a GPS for a tablet, and at the same time Google Maps seemed to pinpoint my location from my balcony.
    WiFi does seem a little weak but it works fine and I haven't had any issues with it.
    The screen is beautiful and the OS is very responsive (ICS). The THD (Tegra) games look amazing, and in general I like to check email, read books / news and play with it. Videos play fine and battery life is good.

    I don't have the keyboard dock. May get that in the future.

    All in all - very nice tablet!
  • Nikki - Great product!I bought this for a Quickbooks class I'm taking at college, and for future use when I open my business. It is easy to use, and it nice that when you enter a transaction, it will automatically create all the appropriate forms, and end of period reports. With the textbook I have, it has been easy to learn how to use Quickbooks.
  • Kristen A. - FANTASTIC! A BETTER shake than the much more expensive complete nutrition shakes..I opted for this meal replacement because I couldn't afford shakology (I'm a broke college student). I am SOOO glad I chose this one instead of forking out $120. You can see and taste the raw nutrition in this mix. I think the most important thing to know before you purchase this supplement is that it will not be very tasty if you just mix it with water or milk, but then again it's healthy because they don't add all of those artificial flavors and sweeteners, so it's a good thing it tastes the way it does. I had to tweek it the first few times I made it to get the right taste. The recipe I use is as followed:

    -4oz Pineapple mango v8 fusion green teaV-8 V-Fusion Plus + Tea, Pineapple Mango with Green Tea, 46 oz. (Pack of 8)
    -4oz Acai berry mix v8 fusionV8 Fusion Juice, Acai Mixed Berry, 46-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 8)
    -1 scoop RAW meal
    -top with water
    -shake it all up in a 16oz shaker bottle and go!

    WW pointsplus: 6
    Total calories: 215

    I only use one scoop because the scooper that comes in the container is huge and I like to have 2 drinks a day as snacks, not meals. BTW, it's so good when you mix it like this. If you're trying to incorporate dairy into your diet, I have used skim milk instead of water and it tastes like a smoothie!

    I absolutely love the energy this gives me and I can tell a huge difference in my digestive health. I have been doing weight watchers and with this supplement, I have lost 9 lbs in the past 5 weeks. I go to school on a big campus and my ankles used to swell like crazy walking everywhere, but I haven't been retaining any water since I've started drinking this. It's amazing what adding more fiber and veggies to your diet can do! I usually drink one in the morning and one when I get home from class and it really fills me up. One thing that I noticed was my complexion has really cleared up since I've started drinking RAW. I will continue to buy this product!
  • Bill A. Belt - Excellent Reference SheetThis laminated sheet is excellent if you are new or learNING about WORD on Apple. Even though I have used for quite some time I still find something interesting on the shote all the time. These sheets come in a variety of subjects and at the low cost I HAVE one of each on my desk and they are much better for reference than having to open a large text book, plus the cost is also a winner. THEY ARE EXCELLENT.