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  • Dustin G. Rhodes - Flawless method, but the book has limitations.The 5 star review is primarily for the information itself, which really does have the potential to be life-changing and transformative. This method really can -- and does -- lead to a pain-free back, as promised. Learning this technique from a book -- the way I approached Gokhale Method -- is a daunting, difficult task, however.

    The 8 Steps described in the book are simple, on many levels, but I wouldn't say easy. In fact, it's re-learning possibly everything you know about posture and living in your own body. Almost every step felt foreign to me at first, so much so that I often thought (and sometimes still think) I am doing it wrong. I have had to read some chapters over and over again. It goes without saying that I could stand to learn this from scratch in real life, from a live teacher. This is not unlike trying to learn yoga, having never seen or done it before, from simply reading a book. Impossible? No, but certainly not easy.

    That said, the book is very well written, edited and presented, with one caveat that I found supremely annoying (not to mention the fact that it diminished the presentation overall): on each page of the book, from beginning to end, a significant amount of real estate is devoted to Gokhale Method testimonials. This grows cumbersome, and it lends a cheesy infomercial cult quality to the book. I often wondered if Cher would appear on the next page to proclaim how Gokhale Method saved her life.

    I would certainly recommend this book, but mainly as a complement to real life lessons or, if that's not possible, the DVD. On its own, there's a lot of room for error and misunderstanding. On the other hand, there's a chance you'll discover a pain-free back, which is an incredible gift.
  • Edz40 - It does it all!That is, if you define "all" with slicing a banana.

    Life seemed so meaningless; I was lost... adrift on a sea of uncertainty... until the Hutzler 571 banana slicer found it's way into my kitchen junk drawer. Now, life has new meaning. I'm taking my medications regularly, and the voices all agree that having your banana sliced in 26 identical slices brings not just comfort but conformity back into what once was a world full of chaos and unequally sliced slices of banana.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Hutzler corporation, for helping to change this world, one equally sliced banana at a time!!