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  • Cookie - Get the BookI am only half way through this book - but so far so good! I love Matthew's advice because it is honest, simple and makes sense. Most of the book gives advice on how to meet guys "in the wild" rather than online. While I realize that is important, I think we are in a society full of social networking and online dating is a huge business. Now if only I could get Matthew to call me :)
  • James Ryan - Used, but like newI bought this used, and I am very happy with it. The screen is perfect, and the tablet came in the same packaging as a new Kindle. There is a little scuffing on the back of the case, but it's not noticeable unless you are looking for problems.

    I wouldn't give the new Kindle 5 stars - maybe 3 or less - because they have stopped doing operating system updates, and they chose to stop with a version which breaks certain aspects of inter-app communication. I canceled a rather serious development project because of that. The used one gets 5 stars because it is very inexpensive, and does everything a new Kindle does. That's all I need for my current project, where a simpler app I wrote will be used by 4th grade students.
  • H. Swanson - Right up there with the best of themI've tried all sorts of high end foundations - Makeup Forever HD, Korres, Benefit, etc. and I finally got around to trying Bare Minerals. I'm glad I did! It gives a NATURAL finish that I love, since I'm trying to get away from the made-up look. I had no problem guessing to find a shade that matched me perfectly. I have a feeling that this stuff will go quickly since I use it pretty much every day, but it's worth it to me. It lasts all day and doesn't sink into the lines under my eyes too bad (although it will if I layer it over another concealer). I also have to be sure to wear a primer, especially around my nose, because this stuff accentuates my pores a lot. The finished product is worth it for me though... I will buy again :)