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  • Jeffrey Michael Kent - Small & Powerful. Love it!I've had a stereo surround sound system with no subwoofer for years. My small, cape cod style living room has plaster walls and hardwood floors, so I knew I didn't need anything large. I just wanted to add a little bass without breaking the bank.

    This speaker is GREAT. It has it's own power switch and volume control for perfect balancing. It is about an 11" cube in size, so it was easy to tuck under an end table and still point in a direction to bounce sound off the walls. It not only provides a powerful thump, but also a deep rich bass sound that I never realized I was missing. Both music and movies sound so much better after adding this subwoofer to my system.

    I would recommend this to consumers who live in apartments, or smaller, older homes (without huge open floor plans), who appreciate good sound, but are not necessarily looking to turn their living room into a dance club.
  • Sportsman - AMAZINGBEST TABLET EVER. THAT'S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID!I have no idea what these other people are mumbling about; there are no issues with the prime whatsoever. It is a perfect product.
  • J. Schneider "Escapist reader" - This really was an emotional experienceI cannot remember reading a book that had such an emotional impact. At one point, I didn't think I could continue reading it as I knew the inevitable. On several occasions, tears streamed down my cheeks and I'm not an emotionally effusive person. I wanted it to end, but I hated it to end. It was an unbelievable, emotionally wrenching book.