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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 60005 Arlington Heights, Illinois

  • kaymoh - A little pricey, but a great investment.I've owned a Timbuk2 bag before and loved it, so I was super excited that they did a camera bag. I'm a grad student doing cinema production, so I have a lot of equipment that I have to lug around and that needs protection. This bag is pretty much perfect. The buckle in the strap makes it easy to get off when my bag is full, and this bag is great if you commute on a bike. The camera insert is super padded but not bulky. I usually carry my camera (a Canon T1i), two lenses (a telephoto that's kind of bulky and a kit lense), my 13 inch laptop, some extra memory cards, a few cables, dv recorder, wired lav mic, and some other small random items. I bought the small and I still have a little extra space. You can customize the partitions in the bag which is a huge plus, and the whole camera padded insert can be removed (the laptop pocket is built in) and it can be used as a regular bag. The way the flap is designed, it keeps out all the elements, and the material is very durable. A nice addition is the tripod straps on the bottom; makes for transport with a tripod so much easier.

    Overall, the bag is a little pricey (as are most of Timbuk2's products) but if you can make the investment, you won't be disappointed, and you'll get a lot of cool features for your money. I also got one of the "shagg bags" for the strap, which is a great addition. Great for when you just need a card/a few bucks/your cell phone or iPod.
  • Ken Thayer - Was wary but am very pleased with Windows 8With all the 1-star ratings, I wasn't enthusiastic about getting Windows 8.

    I have never used a tablet or smart phone of any kind so I thought Win 8 would be terrible for someone with only desktop PC, keyboard and mouse. But what a surprise, after only 10 minutes of familiaring myself with the new OS (hint to desktop users: get to know the 4 corners of the screen and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to 'slide' to the hidden content), I am quite happy with the upgrade. Win 8 has a beautiful interface and it can do everything that I ever needed on Windows 7. So if you like Windows 7, you still can use the PC practically the same way as with Win 7.