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  • Gail Cooke - ENDEARING, SURPRISING, REFRESHINGIf you have yet to meet Precious Ramotswe - treat yourself. As I said of her in a review of the first novel in Smith's series, she is "Of traditional build and generous heart, she's the indefatigable, irresistible proprietress of Botswana's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency."

    For this reader it was love at first page of Smith's initial offering and my enthusiasm for this endearing, surprising character hasn't wavered. Her story is as fresh and new with this, the eighth in the series, as it was in the first. By now many have become familiar with the characters and eagerly look forward to their latest adventures. I count myself among those readers.

    With The Good Husband of Zebra Drive several of our favorites find themselves facing momentous decisions just as Precious is presented with a confounding mystery by a doctor who has seen patients die in the same bed at the same time of day at Mochudi's hospital. Mma Makutsi may leave the Agency (Heaven forbid as I'll always remember her undulations of pleasure to say nothing of her perfect typing). And, there is a straying husband.

    As always Precious's life is filled with conundrums and challenges which she faces with wit and wisdom. Pages of The Good Husband of Zebra Drive flew by far too rapidly and I eagerly await a return visit to beautiful Botswana.

    Highly recommended.

    - Gail Cooke
  • ~ - ugh great! <3Ugh, OMG it goes without saying... what Lesbian Romance doesn't Radclyffe write well!?!
    (But maybe I am biased, I am in the medical field so here stories suck me right in!) (FYI every bit of medical jargon in her books is accurate.)
    Anyway, I Loved THIS one! And I loved how characters were revisited later, it added to the readers commitment to what they were going through.
  • Staci W - Love the shoes, love the statement, love that the president of mizuno USA is a republicanI bought these shoes and wore them to my gym with their "don't tread on me" flag. They have been surprisingly comfortable, and I loooove that I feel like I am supporting all types of women's healthcare in Texas. It's time we told the anti-women legislators not to tread, on us, or we'll run you over in our pink shoes. I love that the president of the company is a conservative. And that he can't,so far, decide whether the women that work for him get contraceptives. I am happily married and it's nice to know that my reproductive health and decisions are between me and my doctor. I am glad I don't live in a state where mandatory ultrasounds are required, but I support the few voices in the wilderness willing to speak out and against a party that campaigned on jobs, and spent their time legislating women's private parts. Hey guys, unless you find gold up there in those lady parts, I suggest you stop legislating them. Or we'll sit up and take notice. And donate (I did!). And we'll prance off in our pink shoes.