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  • T. Herburger "31B" - Prefect for the college studentI recently had been assigned a research paper on the Middle East from a college class I am taking. One of my first moves was to order this book. I was very pleased as this book proved to be immensely helpful and it is absolutely filled to the brim with information on every country in the world.

    Highly quotable and easy to reference, I feel strongly that using this book as a source for research is highly recommended as few would find the CIA to be lacking in credibility. Furthermore, most college professors dislike when students reference Wikipedia; which is of course probably the most common source of similar info, but being as it is that Wikipedia can be edited by nearly anyone, there are some questions as to the reliability of information posted therein.

    I had heard before that the CIA World Fact Book was originally intended to serve as an all-encompassing, accurate, and concise reference for various public officials such as diplomats, bureaucrats, politicians, etc. With that being said, this book will not provide you with a detailed historical background, nor will you find much fluff and explanations. Rather, it is listed with various numbers, such as national GDP, GDP per-capita, population and growth, etc, while also giving a brief outline on current political events, political parties, and so on.

    This book serves its purpose remarkably well, it is a must have source for anyone conducting research within the field, and provides the reader with invaluable information from a reliable source.
  • Conchata M Springfield - wonderful cleansing conditionerAfter seeing this product on a few drug store shelves and reading positive reviews i decided to give it a try. Luckily, i was able to purchase it on sale at Walgreens for $6.99 (the product is normally $7.99) and after a month of using this cleansing conditioner, I am officially hooked.

    The As i am co wash is not my first experience with a cleansing conditioner: for several months I was a fan of the Hair One Argan oil cleansing conditioner which was great but left me with a little bit of product build up. I don't get product build up from the coconut co wash and it spreads throughout my hair better than hair one. I figured the jar of the coconut co wash would barely last a few weeks but surprisingly after a month I still have more than half of the product left.

    I am an African American woman with natural hair that ranges from 3b to 4a and this product is amazing. Once I have saturated my strands with the co wash my curls just pop. I leave it in for about 5 minutes, finger comb thru, then rinse out. I treat it like a normal shampoo and so i use a conditioner and leave in afterwards.
  • dave batu - A MONUMENTAL PIECE OF WORK !!!!I beieve in all fairness the editorial reviewer summarized it and explained it best. If you want to understand the Pink Floyd you have to have a broad knowledge of history, geography, listened to all their albums, in short have some basic IQ, a little above a CHIMPS !!! Just saying this album sucks, will just make your air head suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you listen to Final Cut album for example you will understand why the Roger Waters is against the war and how his father was killed during the Second World War by a German Tiger Tank for no good reason to keep a bridge for a few minutes for alies that was going to fall anyway. ( Some idiots would think it is a Bengali tiger since the song doesn't mention it is a tank). Don't laugh guys, if you watch Jay Leno shows, you see people on Hollywood Blvd. who think Abraham Lincoln is the current Mayor of NYC !!!!!!
    If you are below triple digit , thats OK too, buy Metallica and turn the volume high; if you some moneies left get a few steel rings put on your rings and decorate yourself.
    The album is great, songs are subtle, abstract but great. This is a Strong BUY !! the LTD edition is great too; I would also own the "Final Cut"; I think two of them make better sense !!!
  • Ed Bancroft - QuickBooks essential for small businessI use QuickBook to fill out my invoices for my small home repair business making my company seem very professional. I can fill out an estimate and when I finish up the job, all the information from my estimate is transferred to my invoice with no mistakes. Without QuickBooks my booking would be very time consuming.
    I am starting to use it for my tax lien and deed business to keep track of when payments are due.