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  • John stuart - The great InfernoI am a long time fan of DB having read all his books and the fact that a lot of this is based in Florence was just fantastic, in fact I am going to go back to Florence next year specifically to visit the Boboli Gardens. Great book, one of his best. My other favourite was Angels and Demons and LOVE Rome and visited all the book related sites amongst the rest of ROME.
  • Julia P. Lynde - EnjoyedI liked this novel. Radclyffe does a good job presenting the medical aspects of her novels while making the story about the people, not the medicine. I like that.
  • NC College Student - Great Words of WisdomThis book is great for any youth from high school to college to qualities of being successful in life. I love how he gives his perspective with his mother's and other celebrities. Often time youth see the end product but not realize that celebrities have face the same challenges as they have done. It all comes down to what you do with your experiences. I truly love that it also stressed the importance of higher education and getting involved upon enrollment.
  • MrsKD - As Good as its Always Been!Same great calendar. Big squares! Great layout! Helpful info. Fun stickers. Cool Quotes. Crisp clean colors. I've been using it for at least 4 years and this year I looked around to make sure it was still what I wanted and I couldn't find anything I liked better. If your trying to keep your family organized, I'd buy this one!
  • Dr House - Was hesitant at first....... because I've been completely satisfied with my free avira AV (which i've been using for eons), and which has been nothing short of steller, but after "X'ing" all the annoying pop-ups day after day, I decided to invest in a reputable and reliable AV software... Norton IS seemed to be the best rated and fit the bill! Norton is not as sensitive as my avira was, which i'm not sure is a good thing or bad thing, but so far, it seems to be doing its job without hogging up all my resources/memory, which is one thing I really like about it! All in all, seems like a good investment!