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  • G-boldt - Disappointed ConsumerI love the book, however, I have only received 1 of the 8 books ordered!! It has been over a month since ordered and I paid for expedited priority delivery. I have a request for review of the incomplete delivery with the US postal service. I have sent emails to the seller for review of the incomplete shipment. I have also submitted a claim with My project has been placed on hold because of this unfortunate issue and unless I get these books by Nov 1st, I may not need them at all. Maybe someone reading this can help.
  • Jason L. Maynard - must have for IBSThis is the second time I have ordered this book. I have Crohn's and I strongly believe that following the diet in this book has kept me off of prescription medication. Anyone who has any form of IBS should follow this to a T.
  • Terry Hashley "Malhovic" - Issues Resolved and Wonderfully Working ProductMy experience has been very good with Quicken products. I waited a little while to purchase the 2013 edition due to the concerns people had with some of the features (mainly the online sync for mobile access) and now that they've had time to work out the bugs from the production environment I have to say it is a great product.

    I've tried a few other products in lieu of the Quicken line and always end up coming back due to its usability, product feature set and the support it has.

    Thanks for making a great product Quicken, and thank you for supporting it properly for your customer base!
  • KelJb - Great product!Follow the instructions and take a moment to fit the mounting brackets into place and it fits like a glove. Very good product to replace the factory stereo with an aftermarket. I only hope I never have to pull it back out because I haven't figured out how. I hope I don't break it if I need to.
  • J. B Kraft "lonestargazer" - A real revolutionary product for the kitchenThere are times you look at the ad for a product and say, "Well it looks good in the ad, but that's a lot of money to pay for what may be just a cheap piece of chinese plastic." Well, I ordered this for my wife with missgivings. When it arrived,I was immediately struck with the solid, quality construction. My wife followed the instructions and in less than 3 weeks we were eating all the delicious, healthy, fresh herbs we could handle. The herbs produced for over 5 months, and then we replaced them.

    We were so impressed with the product, we bought two more with a shelf-- one for salad greens and one for cherry tomatoes. If you love fresh produce and especially salads, but it seems as if some are always spoiling in your fridge, then this is a great product for you.