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  • Joseph R. Plazo - Engrossing bible for romance newbiesI purchased "How to Make Anyone..." over Amazon last year. After a speedy delivery, I got around to poring over the powerful contents. The author's approach cuts straight to the crux and lays down not mere theory, but hard-core application. In contrast to most other works which are wordy and boring to read, Leil's offering is acutely informative AND humorous. This certainly helps retention AND makes the practice of her system an enjoyable game.I've read over 20 books on this subject, and written a few myself. I can still attest that this book goes beyond most of them. You'll immediately find it worth your time once you get past the table of contents.Cheers!
  • James B. Casey - Brilliant sequel to Wolf Hall depicts the fall of Anne BoleynHillary Mantel's sequel to "Wolf Hall" follows the machinations and strategies employed by the self-made man, and dedicated royal servant Thomas Cromwell as he works assiduously to bring down the unwanted Queen Anne Boleyn so that Henry VIII could move quickly on to his third wife and sire a male heir. Whereas Wolf Hall covers nearly a decade from the decline and fall of Cardinal Wolsey and rise of Anne Boleyn and her family to the execution of Sir Thomas More in July 1535, this second of what promises to be a trilogy on the career of Thomas Cromwell runs only from late 1535 through to the Summer of 1536. The writing and dialogue are clearer and less confusing than in Wolf Hall, so that it is a faster ("can't put it down") read that should be especially satisfying to those many history buffs who have an interest in the insanely rapid ups and downs of court life during the reign of Henry VIII.

    Thomas Cromwell continues to be lens through which we view this troubled jungle and becomes the protagonist as he strives to serve the King by assembling charges to destroy Anne Boleyn and her faction. Whether the charges were just and true is probably less telling than the fact that the entire court seems to be populated by arrogant, scheming individuals who would (and had) plotted the downfall of others and profited from such dealings. Through the clear vision of hindsight, we may be amazed that Anne and her family considered that they could be supplanted - retired to a nunnery or simply fall from favor without being charged with treason and killed. However, Henry needed quick and complete resolution and Cromwell delivered with consummate skill so that the Seymour faction of Wolf Hall could move into the privileged role beside new Queen Jane barely one year after the Boleyn triumph at the death of Sir Thomas More. What those of us familiar with this era already may know is the irony that the new Queen Jane would die after giving birth to the future Edward VI in 1537 and that her newly enriched brothers, Edward and Thomas, would both be executed only a few years later during the short reign of their nephew. While favor at court delivered power, titles and vast wealth, it was also a place of extreme hazard.

    Raised from humble rank to that of baron at the novel's end - obviously for services rendered to the King - Thomas Cromwell will move even higher in royal favor and influence until his own fall and execution in 1540. One would think that the author could squeeze two additional novels out of the next four crowded years of Henry's reign rather than just one.

    Although we follow and might actually sympathize to some extent with Thomas Cromwell as a person, Mantel allows us to look over his shoulder amid a high stakes world of treachery and judicial murder where overwhelming success may be just a prequel to sudden downfall and execution. Whether or not we come to like Cromwell, he is (and really was) an incredibly skillful and ruthless practitioner of power politics in the Tudor court. It is fascinating to watch him work.