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  • karen - Works great!!I started using this product in August of 2012 and along with a sensible diet I have lost 125 pounds in 9 months. The shakes help me feel full and provide the nutrients that I need. I don't add any flavoring and these are very tasty to me. I started with two shakes a day but now I only need one and the weight is still coming off. If not for this product I am not sure I would have been able to stick it out. I have recommended this to three of my friends and they are all have successful weight lose.
  • Michelle - It worksI have been happy with this product. It have tried other prescription products that end up causing dry and irritated skin. Sweatblock works without being harsh on your skin.
  • Bromptonboy "Bromptonboy" - Good version for most users - without the Access DBI installed this on a Windows 7 machine that already had Office 2003 - and I couldn't help but notice that Office 2013 was installed in parallel, and did not upgrade\replace the applications already in place. The installation is all done via the Internet - there is no media included with the box - just a license key.

    The look and feel of this version from the installed 2003 edition was quite different. It seems obvious that they are tailoring the application to also be used in Windows 8.x - so they give it 'touch-like' feeling when creating new documents. The version gives you almost all the apps - including Outlook. No Access included with this iteration of Office

    Licensing and moving this from machine to machine seem like it will be complicated. MS seems to be steering the consumer to the '365' subscriber edition.
  • rawg0821 - Great Stroller!I did a lot of research on strollers. I was most concerned with reliability, safety a smooth ride and I will admit it the looks of the stroller. I really didn't want to spend a fortune on it as I didn't think it was necessary and I don't love the patterned, floral or two toned look that many strollers have. I love my b-agile. It is really easy to fold up, is pretty compact and "drives" nicely. The only recommendation I would make is to order the cup hold that can be attached as it doesn't come with one and it became really annoying trying to shop with the stroller and having no where to put my drink or little things you want easy access to.
  • Richard Friedman - A very fine book- the truth revealed at lastwe finally know the truth about JFK and his obscene behavior. Suddenly we know where Ted Kennedy gets his lack of morals. Hopefully the human robots so in love with this deviant man will read this fine book and cure their obsession with him. A brillant book about a very sick member of a very sick family