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  • A. Rowley - The Kindle can do so much more that most knowI have been eying the Kindle for some time now, and I had several concerns to begin with. However, I finally bit the bullet and purchased one, and I simply love it. In addition, after a few days of casual online research and some tinkering, I have found that the Kindle is so much more capable than most know.

    First off, there are a few "Kindle Myths" I want to dispel that I hear a lot:

    * Myth #1 - The Kindle doesn't support .pdf format (a common ebook format): FALSE. Just email the PDF as an attachment to yourkindleusername@kindle.com, and it will show up automatically on your kindle (you may also use the free.kindle.com address instead if you want to sync manually and without the $0.10 charge). Because PDF support is still considered "experimental", it is not on a lot of the marketing material out there for the Kindle. Granted, if the ebook is a SCANNED ebook in PDF format, then no reader out there will display it very well simply because of the graphical rather than text format of the book. However most quality PDF ebooks out there are in standard PDF-text+pictures format that convert perfectly. I have more than 25 PDF ebooks on my Kindle right now.

    * Myth #2 - You can't get Harry Potter/Tom Clancy/My favorite author/etc on your Kindle. False. There are many different free and licensed ebook formats out there, and all of them can be uploaded to your Kindle using either Amazon's conversion service or one of a dozen free conversion tools available online. It takes about 60 seconds to convert a .lit ebook to the Amazon format. You are not at all limited in your ebook selection by what is carried by Amazon in the Kindle section of the website. Their own email-attachment-to-convert tool is simple, easy, free, and very fast. What is even better is that you can name these books according to your own organization theme to make them easy to find in your Kindle.

    My only true gripe about the Kindle is the included cover, which could take some cues from the aftermarket covers available on Amazon. It desperately needs an elastic loop for the lower right corner of the device. This is included in EVERY aftermarket full cover, and it just makes sense. Most users have been using adhesive velcro for that corner, or have purchased an aftermarket case that comes with a much more stable mounting system and some built in pockets on the flap. The included case DOES work, but it is far too precarious for my tastes considering the cost of the Kindle.

    Overall, I love the device. The screen is remarkable and so easy to read without eye-strain. The free Amazon document conversion service is a lifesaver, and could not be easier. The SD expansion means you can increase the memory by a factor of 30 or more for about $15. The Kindle store continues to expand the list of available titles, and there is a HUGE network of 3rd-party sites devoted to providing ever more content to the Kindle. The Kindle has changed my life and allowed my to take my hobbies and interests with me in a way that was just not possible before.

    Pick one up. I doubt you will be disappointed.
  • TRW - It really works!My doctor told me that my hair loss was stress related. The doctor has given me cortisone shots and told me to use Rogaine. It's only been a couple of months but my hair is coming back. My suggestion to others is don't let these as...holes get to you in the 1st place and you won't lose your hair.