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City: Montreal, Quebec

  • RCA78 - Norton 360This is the second year I'm using this. It's very easy to install with no hassle. I don't know why other reviews says they're having a difficult time to install this. It's super easy to install and would only take less than 10 minutes to complete the installation process. And I'm not even a computer geek at all. This time I bought it here on Amazon because of the cheaper price. I never encountered any problems or viruses from the past year. And I always do pay my bills online, shop, check my bank and credit card accounts. So far so good. I'd keep using Norton 360 as I am a satisfied customer. Thanks Amazon for the cheaper price. I would recommend this product.
  • Charles Lankiwicz - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011This is a great piece of software for drawing and painting on the computer. I have been drawing and painting using regular materials for over forty years and this software comes the closest I have found to working with those materials.
    It has an intuitive interface that I found very easy to use and the drawing tablet response is great. Also the "learning curve" is very short; I learned all I needed to know in a few hours.
    Though I have a more expensive, fuller featured software suite, I found drawing and painting with it to be relatively awkward by comparision, and it took months for me to feel comfortable with a lot of its features.
    Obviously, this software was designed by someone who is an artist, or had good input from one, and not a "techie" type, interested in "bells and whistles".
    However, in regard to the latter, I did miss a few things on this software: in particular its handling of objects and text, and being limited to one image at a time to work on. But I was able to transfer my files from this program to my other one for those purposes.
    Last but now least was the great low price. My advice is, whatever you're using, if you're interested in actually doing art on the computer: get it!